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    16 Tweets About "Wonder Woman 1984" That Basically Sum Up The Entire Movie

    Whether you liked or hated the film, these tweets are so accurate.

    So Wonder Woman 1984 has been available to stream on HBO Max for the past three weeks now — and the film has received rather polarizing reviews on social media. Here are the good, the bad, and the hilarious tweets about it:


    Pedro Pascal after acting in Wonder Woman 1984

    Columbia Pictures / Twitter: @MCMemeverse


    NOTHING EVER HURT ME MORE THAN THIS....🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭 #WonderWoman1984 #WonderWoman #WW84

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @Luke270702


    This is literally the climax of #WonderWoman1984

    Twitter: @TheNerdsofColor


    I have officially watched #WonderWoman1984 3 times and man oh man by my 2nd and 3rd watch I realized it got better each time. This movie is absolutely beautiful and it has so many great messages. Great movie @GalGadot @PattyJenks @PedroPascal1

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @MoyBoogieWoogie


    Just watched wonder woman 1984 and honestly I like it even w the plot holes

    Twitter: @alogumme


    Twitter: @DKLizzle


    Unpopular Opinion : I love how campy Wonder Woman 1984 is.

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @BattinsonBatman


    I got to say Wonder Woman 1984 is a lot fun. Definitely the sort of pick me up movie that I am happy it exists. #WonderWoman1984

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @manga_mick


    Kristen Wiig being awkward with Gal Gadot at the start of Wonder Woman 1984 is such a mood. 😂😭

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @laurevans311


    lollll this is literally the plot of Wonder Woman 1984

    Children's Television Workshop / Twitter: @TypicalRick


    just watched wonder woman 1984 for the plot ~ The plot:

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @zamoXthespian


    I came into the movie expecting it to be pretty dumb, campy and cheesy but you know what? #WonderWoman1984 was all of those things but also heartfelt, colorful (for the most part) and a lot of fun.

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @fullytacomatic


    I just watched Wonder Woman 1984... and I’m now requiring Barbara/Diana fanfiction. Thanks in advance.

    Twitter: @streepsoul


    @stormnerys Wonder Woman 1984 nominated for Best Comedy

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @WitchRumours


    Twitter: @havingfun212


    ok finally watched wonder woman 1984 and my take is: i thoroughly enjoyed it bc i didnt go in expecting it to be a groundbreaking film i expected kristin wiig in cheetah print and gal gadot throwing shit around and i got what i wanted! 10/10

    Twitter: @sweetIikeandy