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    30 Jokes About Being Bisexual That Low-Key Are Basically Me

    I feel so attacked by this list I put together myself.

    After being in the closet since I was 15, I finally came out as bisexual last year to everyone. It truly amazes me how much I relate to jokes about being bisexual, so here are my favorite ones:

    1. Shego might have been one of my first crushes.

    i love how all 3 of my bisexual awakenings give off the same energy

    Twitter: @mythkillatears

    2. Why can't we sit normally?

    @pinkpunkpie / Via

    3. The required uniform:

    By 9pm tonight I shall finally become a cliche bisexual

    Twitter: @cloudsapphic

    4. *Bi panic ensues*

    someone brought up the mummy today, and as a bisexual i am now required to rewatch it

    Twitter: @bluejay_712

    5. I watched this movie for the plot. The plot: Aubrey Plaza.

    @caroldanversenthusiast / Via

    6. Low-key just watched this last night, and I agree.

    I wasn’t born bisexual I watched this movie

    Twitter: @perrysburkhart

    7. Why are we like this?!

    pov you walk in on me, a bisexual, who knows how to use a standing desk

    Twitter: @infantplanet

    8. What? Not me. Okay, me.

    bi women be juggling 5 men but throwing up tryna ask a girl how her day was

    Twitter: @paigemc911

    9. *Impulse-perms my hair and now wants a pixie*

    bi culture is being permanently indecisive about your haircut

    Twitter: @underthenettle

    10. Where's the lie?

    @wonkarration / Via

    11. Don't show this to my fiancé.

    i’m bisexual that means i’m attracted to girls who look like they just descended from heaven and boys who look like they just rose from the grave

    Twitter: @kelllicopter

    12. Truer words have not been spoken.

    Some people think bisexuality is a 50/50 split between your attraction to men and women but for me it personally means I am resentfully attracted to men and terrified of women

    Twitter: @kendrawcandraw

    13. Every character in the Twilight Saga, tbh.

    bisexual culture is being in love with the whole cast of a movie

    Twitter: @ItsAlexJackson

    14. Okay, I get it. Please stop attacking me.

    Bi culture is saying I'M GAY because you're far too ashamed of yourself for liking men.

    Twitter: @skeletology

    15. Guess I'm in love with Mia Healey now.

    @standingappablog / Via

    16. Okay, you can show *this* to my fiancé.

    Bi culture is hating men until you see a good looking man

    Twitter: @roomonfireera

    17. I thought I wanted to ~be~ them. Turns out I wanted to be ~with~ them.

    bi culture is realizing u had a crush on a bunch of ur girl pals but u always just thought it was bc u REALLY wanted to be their friend

    Twitter: @teIephoneswire

    18. I don't need this.

    Bi culture is listening to frank ocean alone at midnight and crying

    Twitter: @ctrlblond

    19. If you don't think this sounds amazing, you're so wrong.

    @sapphistryyy / Via

    20. Me, every day.

    Bi update: Today, I'm feeling loudly bisexual.

    Twitter: @biupdatebot

    21. Wait...yes.

    closeted bi culture is secretly making all your sims bisexual while being unaware of it as a child

    Twitter: @iderysonyeo


    happy #biweek from me, a girl in a relationship with a guy.. which dosnt make me any less bi

    Twitter: @NixxNas

    23. *Eyeroll*

    "Pick a side." "You're just confused." "There's no such thing." #BiWeek

    Twitter: @thatssoraven_ne

    24. 👏 👏 👏

    @bi-privilege / Via

    25. We just admire from afar.

    Bisexual culture is liking boys and girls and dating neither.

    Twitter: @bonjourlapeen

    26. I forgot my How to Seem More Bisexual for Dummies handbook.

    “You don’t seem bi.” Oh shit sorry forgot my Bi.D. Wanna just watch me parallel park a hybrid while we listen to Lizzo or ??

    Twitter: @molly7anne

    27. Basically every movie I watch.

    @justlgbtthings / Via

    28. *Uncuffs jeans*

    Trying to act straight at family gatherings like 😂😂😂 #GrowingUpBi

    Twitter: @Chrisbohannon23

    29. Not me with a nose ring...

    bi culture is: -saying “im gay” -saying “i fucking love girls” -saying “i fucking love boys” -listening to Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko -listening to Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! At The Disco -nose rings -went through an emo phase -“i’m gay”

    Twitter: @nico_trxnch

    30. It's always bread.

    @undercoverlesbian / Via

    And remember:

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