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    My Goal This Year Is To Stop Impulse Shopping So I Tracked My Spending For A Week And Here's What I Learned

    Spoiler alert: My wallet hates me.

    Hi, I'm Stephanie! This year, I made a few resolutions for myself like eating more vegetables, drinking more water, and saving money.

    Because I really want to start saving up for my dream wedding, I needed to do something I've been putting off for years: tracking my impulse spending.

    Here's how the week went down:

    On Monday I did some ~online shopping~ and spent $72.

    White chunky sneakers

    Tuesday's total came to $40.25, thanks to Instagram.

    A person holding dangly earrings of clay planets and stars

    On Wednesday I spent $22.98 on a couple of subscriptions.

    On Thursday some more subscriptions hit and cost me $17.98.

    A person giving a thumbs up

    Somehow on Friday I didn't spend a cent!

    On Saturday I spent a total of $57.82 on pizza, and I regret nothing.


    On Sunday I had another no-spend day. Huzzah!

    Weekly total: $211.03

    This experiment was made me realize just how much I spend on things like subscriptions or random things I don't *really* need. It's clear I need to be more mindful of my purchases and adopt some ~adult~ money-saving habits — like budgeting.

    After doing some research on my phone's app store I found a simple budgeting app that sounded perfect for me: Daily Budget.

    I decided to try it out to see if it'd help me get my impulse spending under control. To set it up, I entered in my monthly income, my expenses, and the amount I wanted to save. Then, it calculated a spending budget: $33.25 a day.

    A screenshot of the Daily Budget app

    On Monday I ended up filling up my gas tank, so that $30 ate up some of my budget for the day. However, you could add that to your monthly expenses and it wouldn't be taken from the allotted amount for the day.

    A screenshot of the app with $3.25 left in the budget

    One thing I really love about the app is that it shows you how much money you could have in your daily amount in the next two days. I found it really motivating and it actually kept me from spending money for the entire week!

    An app screenshot showing the daily amount increasing from $84.50 to $117.75 to $150.99

    After an entire week of not spending any money, I treated myself to some sushi and dumplings. I ended the week with a budget of $84.50 after my dinner!

    An empty takeout carton

    Overall, this is absolutely an app I'm going to continue to use (even if the income amount won't always be 100% accurate). I think it's a great way to give myself a daily "allowance" and appreciate the things I buy rather than mindlessly spending money all week.

    If you're trying to cut back on impulse shopping, spend more consciously, and save money, you might want to give Daily Budget a try.

    Do you have a favorite budgeting app? Let us know in the comments below! And in the meantime, check out these other money management apps people swear by.