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    15 Things On Amazon That Reptile Owners Swear By

    You're a lizard, Harry. Enjoy this hammock.

    1. A tropical terrarium lamp that will stimulate appetites, activities, and reproductive behaviors of all your reptile friends through UVB radiation.

    2. A step ledge so your reptile can bask in the warmth of their terrarium lamp, but also have a neat little place to hide and feel safe.

    3. A thermometer to help you monitor the terrarium temperature levels so your reptile is always comfortable — and who doesn't want to be comfortable?

    An image of a thermometer inside a reptile terrarium

    4. A pack of decorative vines because what better way to make your reptile feel at home than making their enclosure look like a luscious jungle?

    5. A pack of forest moss to really give your enclosure that forest vibe your reptile thrives in. It's perfect for use for as egg-laying and incubation mediums.

    An image of a gecko laying on moss

    6. A hammock and vine set for your reptile to chill in after a long day of doing reptile things. It's a tough life.

    7. A screen cover to ensure any of your other pets don't jump in when you're not looking, but also still allows your UVB lamp to penetrate through to keep your friend healthy and happy.

    An image of a terrarium enclosure with a screen on top

    8. A water fountain that'll continuously supplies your reptile with an endless supply of clean, fresh, water. You can adjust the flow of water and the constant water raises the humidity in their enclosure.

    An image of a water fountain in a reptile enclosure

    9. A jungle vine so your reptile can really feel like they're in the lush jungles of their homeland, but actually safe in their own little space.

    An image of a gecko in its enclosure sitting on top of a vine

    10. A humidifier to help keep your reptile's enclosure at the appropriate humidity they need to be comfortable. Good thing they don't have hair because #frizz, am I right? I'll see myself out..

    11. A rock cave that attaches to the glass of their enclosure to be slightly floating so they'll have a little space to hide and be their reptile selves.

    12. A natural coconut reptile carpet because its absorbent nature will conceal odors — it's also made of nonabrasive material so you won't have to worry about your reptile bud getting irritated.

    An image of a bearded dragon in its enclosure with natural coconut carpet on the bottom

    13. A hanging silk plant that'll add more foliage to your reptile's tank and also double as a hiding spot for them to play in.

    14. A reptile wound and skincare spray so you'll always be prepared to take care of your reptile at a moment's notice. This spray will help clean up wounds without any burning or stinging and keeps it moist and clean for faster healing.

    An image of a chameleon perched in foliage with a reptile wound bottle next to it

    15. And a large lizard lounger because even big reptiles might want to chill and who are we to keep that from them?

    An image of a bearded dragon lounging on a hammock in its enclosure

    You, when you see how comfortable and happy your reptile is.

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