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    31 Things From Target That’ll Help Your Home Practically Match Your Inspiration Board

    Get ready to fulfill your Pinterest board's dreams.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A rustic farmhouse desk so you can finally create the home office of your dreams. You've watched enough Fixer Upper to know exactly how much shiplap you need for an accent wall and nothing is going to stop you.

    A light wood desk

    2. A glass coffee table that looks waay fancier than it costs, but who's complaining? Bonus: the transparency of the table will make your space look bigger!

    A clear glass coffee table

    3. An accent chair because there's something about one of these chairs in a vibrant color that makes such a bold statement in your home. Almost like you have your life together. Ya, a chair can do that.

    A vibrant purple accent chair

    4. A two-pack of faux fur throw pillows to add some unique texture to any space in your home. These pillows give me ~fashion blogger~ vibes and I'm living for it.

    Two blush pink faux fur throw pillows on a bed

    5. A glass globe floor lamp for when you really want to nail the hipster aesthetic you've created on Pinterest. Definitely put an Edison bulb in this bad boy to achieve the ultimate "I only drink microbrews" look.

    The glass globe lamp next to a bed

    6. A snake plant because adding greenery to your space instantly makes it feel airy and bright. The best part? The plant is REAL. Just when you thought Target couldn't get any better...

    A snake plant on a side table

    7. An embroidery comforter and sheet set that is perfect if you want a minimal style but you also want your room to look warm and inviting.

    The sheet set

    8. An easel standing mirror so you can easily move it around your home to find the *perfect* lighting for your fire selfies.

    The white mirror stands in a living room

    9. An asymmetrical entryway bench so you can finally have a spot to sit when you're putting your shoes on in the foyer. No more balancing on one foot and hopping around while you force your other foot into your boot. Just me?

    The light wood bench with black legs

    10. A shower curtain perfect for the eclectic soul. The bold patterns and colors throughout really will make it such a statement piece in your bathroom.

    The shower curtain with bold shapes and patterns

    11. A coiled rope basket you've probably seen every influencer talk about because they're just so chic ~and~ functional.

    The cream colored basket

    12. A convertible sofa bed and couch so you can save on space while still providing a sleeping area for any overnight guests you may have. Or if you stay up too late watching Bridgerton.

    The pink couch

    13. A faux fiddle-leaf plant because some of us love greenery (me) but don't like the responsibility of taking care of them (also me).

    The fiddle leaf plant

    14. A bathroom wall sign to not only remind anyone who uses the toilet to not be gross, but to add a little bit of cheekiness (hehe) to your space.

    The sign that says "remember to flush"

    15. A ladder bookshelf that'll store all of those books you keep buying online but haven't gotten around to reading yet. I'll read them when I'm ready, okay??

    The bookshelf

    16. A set of three leaf frames to add some extra style to your space with minimal effort. The gold frames give such a touch of class without being too much.

    The three frames

    17. A rope basket you can hang anywhere so you can achieve diamond level "plant parent" status. A badge we all strive for, I think.

    The basket with a plant inside

    18. A kitchen island that will provide extra prep ~and~ storage space. It's a win-win!

    The island

    19. A three-tier utility cart you can basically use in any room of your house. You can use it in the bathroom for extra product storage, a side table in the living room, or even as a bookshelf in the bedroom. The possibilities are ~endless~.

    The white utility cart

    20. A straddle bar stool because traditional stools can look so bulky with the backrest. These ones are minimal ~and~ chic—an aesthetic I would love to achieve.

    Two barstools

    21. A chevron woven area rug so you can instantly add some warmth to your space while still maintaining that elegant, modern vibe you love so much.

    The rug

    22. A textured ottoman to use as a footrest after a much-needed day off of being fa-bu-lous. *hair flip*

    The grey and white pouf

    23. A side table that honestly looks like a piece of fine art. The cage design works really well if you have a quirky, eclectic style. Bonus points if you find a way to stuff the cage with blankets by squeezing them between the bars.

    A gold metal cage side table

    24. A sun burst wall mirror because it makes a huge statement on any wall you put it on, plus you can see your cute face every time you walk by it. It's like YOU'RE the sun.

    A gold metal sunburst mirror on the wall

    25. A faux fur ottoman so you can recreate the ~perfect~ vanity set up in your bedroom. Your GRWM videos are going to be so lit.

    A white faux fur ottoman with gold legs

    26. A circle shelf to display all of your favorite memorabilia in a fun and bold way.

    The wall shelf

    27. A two-piece set of dining chairs because we all deserve to eat in ~style~. It's 2021. We earned this.

    Thre mustard-colored chairs next to a table

    28. A console table that provides drawers for extra space to hide any unsightly clutter from your entryway, like all those takeout menus they keep stuffing into your door.

    The pale green console table

    29. A bar cart so you can finally recreate those bar cart inspo pics you have saved to your phone. The idea of having a designated coffee station truly pleases me.

    The gold bar cart

    30. A C-table because they provide extra surfaces in your living space, but ~also~ you can tuck it into your couch and safe space! Huzzah!

    The gold and marble c-table

    31. A round dining table to have a really chic place to eat, write, or have all of your weekly Zoom meetings at.

    The dining table

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