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    Beauty-Lovers Rejoice: Sephora's Spring Savings Event Is Finally Here

    10% off for Insiders, 15% for VIB, 20% for Rouge, *and* 30% off the Sephora Collection.

    Springtime just got a whole lot better! Why, you ask? Sephora is having their Spring Savings Event where you can get makeup, skincare, and everything in between for 10-30% off EVERYTHING!

    So basically here are the deets you need to know:

    A Sephora ad

    If that wasn't enough, Sephora is also having a deal on the entire Sephora Collection for 30% off now through Monday, 4/19!

    Let's start with some beauty goodies all you Rouge members can score for 20% off:

    A Drunk Elephant powerpeptide resurfacing serum that will visibly improve your skin’s texture, tone, radiance, and bounce. After spending over a year inside, I desperately need this.

    The serum

    A Huda Beauty eyeshadow pallete so beautiful, you won't even want to use it just so you can admire the colors. You have to though, because I know you'll create some amazing looks.

    The pallete

    An intense moisturizing mask for even the most damaged of hairs to get some serious repairing. It's infused with OLAPLEX Bond Building technology, which is a highly concentrated reparative mask that adds some amazing shine, smoothness *and* body while providing intense moisture.

    A before and after of hair

    A Patrick Ta contour powder so you can really chisel your face and accentuate your beautiful features. You're beautiful and deserve to be seen, dang it!

    Three arms with different shades applied

    A facial sculpting wand to target fine lines, giving your skin a firmer, smoother appearance. It'll basically feel like a luxurious spa day but instead, you're at home watching TikTok videos on your phone.

    A person with a facial wand on their face

    A Fenty Beauty lipgloss set because we all need a good gloss and this one is gluten-free, cruelty-free, paraben *and* phthalate-free.

    Five arms with lip gloss applied to them

    A Kaja bronzer, blush, and highlighter trio so you can minimize the clutter on your vanity and get a flawless look with just one product.

    Three arms with powders applied to them

    A facial mist that will help protect you from that pesky blue light we deal with all day and night while *also* hydrating your skin and setting makeup.

    The mist

    A Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez pore-diffusing primer so your face is *really* primed for that flawless makeup look you're about to create. Ooh, I can see it now. SLAY.

    A person wearing the primer

    An Amika hair dryer brush so you don't have to keep wasting your valuable time doing two different activities for your hair when you can just...put them together. What a time to be alive!

    A before and after of hair after using a blow dryer brush

    Now here's what *everyone* can score for 30% off from the Sephora Collection:

    A brow pencil, because your brows frame your entire face and sometimes just doing them can automatically make you look put-together and refreshed.

    A before and after of a person's eyebrows after using. a brow pencil

    A lip stain that will dry on matte (ugh we love a good matte lippie) for the perfect, creamy, weightless color that lasts all day. Also it's transfer-proof *and* full-coverage! Did I mention it comes in 79 (!!!) shades?!

    Three arms with different lip stain shades applied to them

    Exfoliating wipes so you can wind down after work and get all of that makeup off, wash your face, and get ready for a night of Netflix and ice cream.

    Three packages of make up wipes

    A vitamin C serum that helps increase radiance, improve, and even out your beautiful skin tone. Bonus: It's VEGAN! Huzzah!

    The serum

    A Coach x Sephora makeup brush set to retire those old ones you've been using since high school. Not only do these give off such a nostalgic vibe, they're ridiculously adorable!

    The brush set

    An eyeshadow palette for when you just need something you can use every single day and it doesn't feel like too much for any event. It's work-appropriate *and* you can definitely sass it up with the right color combos for a night out.

    Four arms with different eye shadow shades applied to them

    A waterproof eye makeup remover so that you don't have to rub your eyes into oblivion anymore with those old makeup wipes you own.

    The makeup remover

    A scalp massager that will not only work in your favorite shampoo into your hair follicles more, but it just feels damn good after a long day of stressin' about everything.

    The scalp massagers

    An astrology lipstick to satisfy your need to make your horoscope your entire personality. I get it, everyone just hates Pisces (me). When will the Pisces hate end?!

    The lipsticks

    A Coach x Sephora sharky palette because it's the cutest palette in the world. I mean, just look at that little sharky! Plus, the shades are beautiful and perfect for everyday looks.

    The shark palette

    Me, canceling all my plans this weekend to shop Sephora's Spring Savings Event before everything runs out:

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