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    30 Stylish Things From Nordstrom To Add To Your Closet This Spring

    Flowers bloom in spring and so will your style with these pieces.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A knit top with ruffle details that turn a simple top into something with just a little bit more ~flair~ for your next Zoom work meeting. Don't mind the holiday pajama pants underneath, though.

    Model is wearing a blush pink top with ruffled sleeves and grey denim jeans

    Price: $44 (available in sizes XS-2XL and five colors)

    2. A pair of Steve Madden studded sandals because regular sandals are just too casual. The extra stud detail makes these cool enough to be worn with a dressier outfit but still have the comfort we know and love of sandals in the summer.

    White and tan studded sandals

    Price: $69.95 (available in sizes 5.5-9.5 and three colors)

    3. A linen dress to keep you cool *and* stylish when the weather gets way too hot for comfort. The buttons down the front are just oh-so-cute.

    Model is wearing a black linen dress and white mules

    Price: $98 (available in sizes 1X-3X)

    4. A cardigan sweater light enough to easily fit in your bag for when you underestimate how cold you'll be while running errands. This is coming from someone who gets cold ALL. THE. TIME.

    Model is wearing a grey cardigan over a white crop top and light blue denim jeans

    Promising review: "Beautiful sweater! It's lightweight and you can dress it up or down." —Kikihamps

    Price: $15.97 (originally $39, available in sizes XS-L and four colors)

    5. A pair of Birkenstocks because it's time you hop on this trend. Sure they look a bit clunky, but they're ridiculously comfortable and actually look really cute with the right outfit.

    Tan Birkenstocks

    Price: $99.95 (available in sizes 5-11.5)

    6. A polka-dot minidress you could wear on its own or layer it with a top underneath for a super trendy look.

    Model wearing the red and white polka dot

    Price: $178 (available in sizes 0-12)

    7. A short-sleeve dress you can easily dress up with a pair of stilettos or down with your favorite pair of sneakers and a denim jacket. It's versatile *and* cute!

    Model is wearing a black dress and white sneakers

    Price: $35 (available in sizes 1X-4X and four colors)

    8. A backpack purse because it looks basically like something you'd see a fashion blogger wear so if that's your vibe, then this is your purse.

    A beige purse

    Price: $99 (available in two colors)

    9. A sleeveless dress that will probably become a go-to staple in your wardrobe as it's not only adorable but it's simple enough to be worn with basically anything.

    Model is wearing a tan dress and white sneakers

    Price: $29 (available in sizes 1X-4X and two colors)

    10. A leather belt you could wear around your waist to structure an oversized shift dress or as a chic belt on your skinny jeans. Yeah, I said skinny jeans, Gen Z.

    A black belt

    Promising review: "Love this belt! It's just wide enough that it can be worn around the waist with dresses or long tops and it's the perfect size for belt loops." —TexRex

    Price:$49 (available in sizes XS-2X and two colors)

    11. A pair of faux jean joggers because hi, they're comfy joggers that look like denim. It's like the perfect way to walk about being comfortable while looking put together. You could literally sleep in "jeans" and weird your housemates out.

    Model is wearing denim joggers and white sneakers

    Promising review: "These joggers really look like denim to the untrained eye! Super comfy and the pockets are a huge plus!" —JCFrisco

    Price: $168.75 (available in sizes XS-XL and two colors)

    12. A top with puff sleeves that would go perfectly with a pair of mom shorts and sandals for the cutest spring look. The top adds a bit of style to an overall casual look and it's just *chef's kiss* amazing.

    Model is wearing a dark grey top with puff sleeves and camel pants

    Promising review: "I love the heavy cotton of this tee! It's a casual material with a flouncy sleeve." —RaleighMommy

    Price: $39 (available in sizes 2XS-XL and three colors)

    13. A Madewell cargo raincoat to keep your outfit dry and safe on those rainy spring days you can't avoid. Pair it with rain boots and you can literally sing in the rain ~à la Gene Kelly~.

    Model is wearing a beige raincoat over a green floral dress

    Price: $168 (available in sizes 1X-3X and two colors)

    14. A simple top with polka-dot sleeves guaranteed to make any outfit look adorable and put-together. Something about blouses like these just makes everyone look like adults who have their life together, and I need this energy.

    Model is wearing a white top with polka dot sleeves and black pants

    Price: $45 (available in sizes and two colors)

    15. A pair of Crocs because hear me out, they're actually really comfortable and I guarantee you'll find yourself unironically wearing them all the time *and* bragging about them. Join the Croc side.

    The white Crocs

    Promising review: "These shoes are so comfortable and I love to wear them in the garden, washing my car, or just wearing them around the house." —DeeDeeN13

    Price: $44.95 (available in sizes 6-15 and 23 colors)

    16. A Free People ribbed sweater top so you can turn a basic outfit into a "Daaang, why do you look so ~cute~, queen?!" outfit.

    Model is wearing light denim jeans and a black top

    Price: $38 (available in sizes XS-XL and two colors)

    17. A pair of skinny jeans because I'm just not ready to give these up. We spent our teen years wearing flare pants and JNCOs. Let us keep skinny jeans, please.

    Model is wearing dark denim jeans and black pumps

    Price: $99 (available in sizes 16-24)

    18. A pair of Reformation linen pants so you can look like that elusive artist with amazing style who goes to coffee shops and knows a lot about obscure paintings and everyone's always like "wow who is that person?" It's you.

    Model wearing the brown pants

    Price: $158 (available in sizes 0-12)

    19. A pair of slide sandals with a little bit of height so you can walk around tall and mighty while also looking totally adorable all summer long.

    Black and wicker sandals

    Promising review: "They are very comfortable, but I’ve only worn them around the house since it’s winter here. I liked the look of the double strap so much!" —Lingsprof

    Price: $69.95 (available in sizes 5-12 and four colors)

    20. A pair of biker shorts you'll wear for more than just working out. Pair these bad boys with an oversized graphic tee, a fanny pack, and sneakers and it's a ~LOOK~.

    Model wearing the bike shorts

    Price: $59 (available in sizes 1X-3X)

    21. A graphic T-Shirt to wear with your favorite jeans and sandals. Don't forget to accessorize to complete the whole look!

    Model is wearing a light blue graphic T-Shirt and black pants

    Price: $29 (available in sizes 1X-4X and three colors)

    22. A Sanctuary polka-dot skirt that kind of looks like something you'd wear to Disney with a cute pair of chunky white sneakers and a top.

    Model is wearing a dark orange polka dot skirt and white strappy sandals

    Price: $47.40 (originally $79, available in sizes 1X-3X and two colors)

    23. A pair of peep-toe sandals for when you want something a little bit more work-appropriate than your old sandals, but don't want to commit to a fully closed shoe (if it's allowed, of course!). It's just way too hot for that.

    Black peep-toe sandals

    Price: $94.95 (available in sizes 6-11 and 10 colors)

    24. A button-down top that's perfectly oversized to look casual *and* chic at the same time. You'll basically look like those amazing influencers you see on the 'Gram.

    Model is wearing a white button-down shirt and black pants

    Price: $69 (available in sizes XS-2XL)

    25. A pair of Free People high-waisted jeans that are giving me some serious '90s vibes and I'm living for it. Pair this with a cute graphic tee and some sneakers and you're ~basically~ a '90s kid.

    Model is wearing light denim jeans and peach tennis shoes

    Price: $78 (available in sizes 24-31)

    26. A pair of Stuart Weitzman sandals so simple, you'll find yourself wearing them with everything you own. A nice dress? Definitely. High-waisted shorts? Obviously!

    Black sandals

    Promising review: "Great shoes! Super cute and comfy. Detailing is what you would expect from SW and the quality is really nice." —CathPetty

    Price: $95 (available in sizes 5-12 and six colors)

    27. A Reformation floral mini dress that will look like you're ready to go on a socially distanced picnic with yourself and it's an aesthetic I'm just so obsessed with.

    Model wearing the light blue and white floral dress

    Price: $98 (available in sizes 0-12)

    28. A pair of joggers to lounge in on the couch while you binge New Girl for the seventh time. Okay, it's me. I do this.

    Model is wearing black joggers and white tennis shoes

    Price: $59 (available in sizes 1X-3X)

    29. A layered knit dress so you don't have to worry about finding the cute top to wear underneath the dress — it's already there!

    Model is wearing a red striped dress with a black short sleeve top

    Price: $45 (available in sizes 1X-4X)

    30. A denim jacket because nothing says "this is a staple piece in my wardrobe and will literally wear it all year with everything" quite like a denim jacket does.

    Model is wearing a light blue denim jacket and white pants

    Price: $78 (available in sizes XS-XL)

    Everyone, when they see your new look.


    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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