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    Just 30 Products Our Readers Really Love

    Cabinet organizers, translucent powders, smartwatch bands, and other popular items from BuzzFeed Shopping posts.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Morse Code necklace you can customize with whatever cute phrase (or name) you want. It's like a secret message to yourself! I'd like mine to say "I like turtles."

    The necklace
    JAYNEandJAMES / Etsy

    JAYNEandJAMES is a small business based in Morro Bay, California that specializes in handmade jewelry such as chokers, earrings, and necklaces.

    Promising review: "My necklace is exactly what I was looking for!! I've worn it non-stop for a full week now. Shipping was on time and I didn't have any issues with anything. I would definitely recommend buying from JayneandJames!" —HilaryCollert

    Get it from JAYNEandJAMES on Etsy for $44 (available in seven lengths, six styles, and three colors).

    2. A wrinkle-release ironing spray to make sure all of your shirts, dresses, shorts, pants, and everything in between are crispity crisp at all times.

    Promising review: "This year I have been attending medical school interviews all over the country. I have ONE suit that I do not have the money to continuously dry clean between interviews. I bought these to keep with me when traveling so my suit remains pressed and fresh. I typically spray it and do not hot-iron it (as it's time-consuming and I have other things to worry about on interview day like answer prep and transportation). Really does what it says, would be great to keep clothes crisp and nice smelling, especially if you have a garment that wrinkles easily and you don't feel like ironing before each wear." —Taylor

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $13.94 or Subscribe & Save for $13.24/month.

    3. Silicone straws so you can save the turtles (that I obviously love, see product #1) one iced coffee at a time.

    Promising review: "Went to Disneyland for vacation, where they only give out paper straws with drinks. The paper straws tend to get soggy fast, which can make it difficult to drink your drink. These were a lifesaver! Easy for my little one to use, and comes with four convenient cases so milk and juice are not getting all over the inside of my purse. Also comes with a straw cleaner that is the perfect width and length." —DNA

    Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $9.99.

    4. A translucent face powder you can use to set your makeup for that *chef's kiss* flawless, smooth look we all love. Pro Tip: If you're a sweaty queen like me, this powder is great to matte out oily faces.

    A before and after of a person's skin with translucent powder on

    Promising review: "I love this loose powder out of all the ones I've tried and it smells amazing! No flashback and it blends very well!" —Cici Cway

    Get it from Amazon for $5.97 (available in eight colors).

    5. A basket organizer so you can finally arrange the cluttered mess you've created under your sink. By using the empty vertical space, you not only make the area look better, but you now have more storage space!

    Promising review: "Awesome organization product! Everything is so much easier to see and reach! I've had a few friends also purchase and they love the product." —K.M

    Get it from Amazon for $24.97 (available in two colors).

    6. A nonslip cutting board set because I can't tell you how many times I have needed a cutting board for something, but it's being washed. Having two is just better than one, change my mind.

    The cutting boards

    Promising review: "It is durable and used often in this home. I love the nonslip corners so when my kids want to help I don't have to worry about putting a dish cloth under the cutting board. It's durable and well made and especially easy to clean." —Target customer

    Get it from Target for $15.

    7. A cleaning tool organizer that allows you to hang up your mop, broom, duster, or even gardening tools and have them at an easy-to-grab height.

    The organizer

    Promising review: "Absolutely love this product! I cleaned my laundry room last week and wanted to organize all my brooms, mops and even mini vacuum. This handled the job - and then some! Installed in minutes and is very strong. I feel comfortable with one of the items which were moderately heavy compared to the rest. Love the added hooks, as well." —Judyque

    Get it from Amazon for $14.97.

    8. A self-cleaning grooming brush to remove loose fur, mats, and undercoats on your fur baby. The best part? The bristles retract, making it ridiculously easy to clean.

    Promising review: "This brush is 10x more comfortable for my cat, while still pulling a decent amount of shed hair. Cleaning it is AMAZING. Just press the button, pull the pad of hair off, and it doesn't fill up until after nearly a full session of brushing. It is not taking off as much hair as the Furminator, but the fact that he doesn't get instantly annoyed and thus I can brush for longer and create a more positive experience for him is important." —The Horse Doc

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99.

    9. An umbrella with a universal clamp so you can basically attach it to any object where you might need a bit more shade. You can attach it to your chair at the beach, your golf bag, or even your stroller. It also offers UVA and UVB protection of up to 99.5%!

    Two dogs in a wagon

    Promising review: "I've tried normal stroller umbrellas, but they don't offer much coverage unless I put two on, & they're domed so they don't lay well & that's a pain...BUT I finally found this cool umbrella. It's oddly shaped so it fits great, and it pivots in four places to get the coverage you need! This one isn't in the way of anything (I can still get to the kids, the basket, the cupholders, etc.), I can still clip a stroller fan on the inside for when they're sleeping, and now I only need to use one of the thin muslin swaddle blankets clothespinned with one to two clothespins on one side to keep the sunlight out and off of the sleeping kiddo." —Amazon customer

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in two sizes and eight colors).

    10. A shower pouch with eucalyptus and lavender that will make your bathroom feel (and smell) like a luxurious spa. The combination of these two scents is great for sinus congestion and relaxation. Ahh, so relaxed.

    The pouch with eucalyptus and lavender
    EucalyptusBlooms / Etsy

    EucalyptusBlooms is a small business located in Charlotte, North Carolina that sells shower and bath products and bouquets.

    Promising review: "Love, love, love these!!! They arrived quickly and smell amazing. The sachets are a good size and they make my bathroom feel like a spa. Will definitely purchase again!" —Laura Zaloom

    Get it from EucalyptusBlooms on Etsy for $17.99+ (available in two quantities).

    11. Glass soap dispensers to get rid of those unsightly hand soap bottles in the bathroom and go for a more sleek and chic look. Guests will be like "oooh, she fancy". Do they need to know it's 6-year-old hand soap you got in the clearance aisle at TJ Maxx? No. No, they do not.

    The soap bottle

    Promising review: "These glass soap dispensers are perfect if you want to use less plastic in your home! I have had these dispensers for almost two years and they are still amazing. No leaks and no rust! Both sit at my kitchen sink, one has dish soap, the other has hand soap. So they are used multiple times each day and have held up great!!" —Emily

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    12. A gold-plated necklace so you can show off your favorite letter in the alphabet. Or your first initial, I guess. I'd choose T for turtles, though.

    A person wearing a necklace with the letter K on it

    Promising review: "Very nice necklace! The lace is very delicate and the collar is very well made. The package and presentation are just beautiful. They are perfect for a gift, and you will totally rock it if you do get it!" —Melissa R.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99 (available in 26 letters).

    13. A felted ball infused with catnip that will most certainly become your kitty's new favorite toy. It also comes with a "recharging tin" where you have pouches of catnip at the bottom. When they're done playing with it, you put the ball inside and it will get re-infused with the herb.

    A cat playing with felt balls
    SimplyBVermont / Etsy

    SimplyBVermont is a small business based out Montpelier, Vermont of that specializes in pet accessories and toys.

    Promising review: "Perfect treat for my anxious kitty! As soon as I took the first ball out, she immediately came out from under the bed, started rubbing her face all over it and is currently rolling around with it between her paws as we speak! The balls came in a very cute and neatly packaged tin. Incredible customer service as well--Buffy was in constant communication about my package and when/what to expect with it. Would recommend to any friend looking to give their kitties [and themselves] some adorable entertainment! :) Tried to capture a photo, but cat was moving/rolling around too fast!" —Jill

    Get it from SimplyBVermont on Etsy for $3.75+ (available in six styles).

    14. A cat spoon because we all need a little extra serotonin boost in the morning and this little kitty will probably do it for you. Just look at it! It's so darn cute!

    The spoon

    Promising review: "Love this little spoon! It fits perfectly on the edge of my coffee mug. Now I no longer have to go searching for a spoon to stir my morning coffee! Since it sits on the edge of the cup my fingers don't get sticky from a wet handle. Plus, it's absolutely adorable and makes me think of my own kitty while I'm away at work. This spoon has become an essential part of my morning routine." —Brianna S.

    Get it from Amazon for $2.99.

    15. A priming moisturizer that is super lightweight and buildable so you can get the perfect, dewy, smooth face, primed and ready for makeup. Bonus: It's cruelty-free!

    The primer

    Promising review: "I have normal/dehydrated, acne-prone skin and I’ve been seeking a lightweight moisturizer that sinks in quickly without making me feel dry or greasy. Thick creams tend to suffocate my skin and my skin hates oil-free products as it feels like they dry me out. I am so impressed at how quickly this sinks in while leaving my skin hydrated and supple. This wears so well under my daily SPF and it doesn’t leave that horrible “filmy” residue on my skin that many moisturizers do. I mainly use this in the daytime for light hydration and will apply two layers of it when I use it in my night routine. Overall this is an amazing no-fuss moisturizer." —M.A

    Get it from Glossier for $22.

    16. Seasoned beans because honestly, beans can be such a pain to cook sometimes and this just saves you so much time and effort. We have flavors like Trini Chickpea Curry, Classic Refried Pinto Beans, and Creole Red Beans. Also, they're vegan *and* non-GMO! Huzzah!

    The beans on two dishes with taco ingredients

    Promising review: "This is a great product. Canned beans from my local supermarket are always a disappointment so I stopped getting them. I don't have time to cook beans myself but A Dozen Cousins beans are fresh and taste terrific. I am trying to eat healthier and these are a great way to do that. I've been trying to avoid packaged, processed foods but the natural ingredients make these different. I can feel good about eating them. The beans are whole and not mashed up liked in cans. All of the varieties are seasoned well and versatile. I've had them on their own, in salads and in wrap sandwiches. I'm really happy to have found these and hope they continue to add new flavors and products. Do yourself a favor and order some. You won't regret it." —Amazon customer

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in nine flavors).

    17. A nose wax kit so you can get that unruly mess you've got going on above your lip under control for up to four weeks. Okay, I mean me. *tucks hairs back inside nose*

    The wax and nose applicators

    Promising review: "I bought this to use on my husband. Poor guy is getting to the point where he gets aggravated with nose hair. I talked him into waxing and bought this kit to use on him. Needless to say, I had WAY more fun using this than he did. I've never used a waxing kit like this but it is very user-friendly. Just pop it in the microwave for the instructed time and dip the sticks according to the directions, shove it up their nose, and wait a few seconds. Rip it out fast and enjoy the results while they sit crying. SO MUCH ENTERTAINMENT! All kidding aside, it works very well and lasts for about two to three weeks. Which reminds me...It's time to do it again....; OH, Honey...'" —Julia

    Get it from Amazon for $19.53.

    18. A round pouf that is not only an adorable statement piece for any room but *also* provides extra seating, which is perfect for small spaces.

    The pouf in a wicker material

    Promising review: "Love it! The perfect size. Also, the color goes perfectly in my living room!" —Wendy

    Get it from Wayfair for $59.99 (originally $167, available in four colors).

    19. Felt pads you can stick on any furniture piece that may scratch or damage your beautiful hardwood floors in any way. Also, it mutes that annoying Chewbacca sound when you pull a chair out.

    Promising review: "I highly recommend these felt pads. The dark brown color blends nicely with darker stained floors, and the profile is slimmer but no less dense than the thicker pads so more aesthetically pleasing without giving up any functionality. The package has multiple sizes that came in handy while moving our household items. I would recommend buying 2 packs if you are moving a whole house as we were, as I like pads on any furniture touching our wood floors and found I used the whole 181 pack quickly! The seller was prompt and the product was as pictured." —MLD

    Get it from Amazon for $13.91.

    20. A yoga band for your smartwatch so you can look stylish and cute while still keeping track of your activity and the weather. i.e the two things I use my watch for, basically.

    A person wearing a smartwatch and yoga band in black
    DotOutfitters / Etsy

    The band is compatible with the Apple Watch, Fitbit Versa, and Galaxy Watches of specific models.

    DotOutfitters is a small business based in Kansas City, Missouri that sells bands for smartwatches.

    Promising review: "Very comfortable band! It is so soft and pretty. I had to have more! I purchased three more colors after I bought this one. I definitely prefer this band to the silicone Apple band to sleep in and work in. I rotate my four yoga bands daily. Since the blush pink is a light color I don’t wear it much because dirt shows easily. It is easy to hand wash it." —Lavendergrey2013

    Get it from Dotoutfitters on Etsy for $34.50 (available in two sizes, four styles, and four colors).

    21. An Olaplex hair repairing treatment that will rebuild the broken bonds in every type of hair, leaving hair stronger than ever. Can it repair the bond between me and my cat, Norman after he screamed at me for treats? Probably.

    A before and after of pink hair using Olaplex

    The Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 repairing treatment is paraben-free, vegan, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free.

    Promising review: "With one use of Olaplex, it made my hair very soft, silky, and healthier looking. I usually use a special detangling brush because of all the knots I get from breakage and from all the bleaching I've done to my hair. With Olaplex 3, I no longer struggle to brush my hair or run my fingers without them getting stuck in my hair from tangles of dried brittle hair. This stuff is just what my damaged hair needed." —Saul and Vivian

    Get it from Amazon for $21.97+.

    22. An over-the-door ironing caddy so you can have all your supplies ready to go when you need to go a quick ironing session before the last-minute Zoom meeting your boss set up.

    The organizer over a door with a board and iron on it

    Promising review: "Not only it makes my closet look more organized, but it also makes it easy to access whenever I need to use my iron and ironing board. Simple, easy, and does the job. Great purchase!" —Nassira

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

    23. A two-wick candle whose scent will transport you to Edward and Bella's honeymoon on that island where they were in the ocean under the moonlight. Is it specific? Yes. Is it amazing? Also yes.

    The candle

    Promising review: "This candle is a good dupe for the Volcano Candle by Capri Blue (sold at Anthropologie). It’s not exactly the same but smells citrusy and pleasant!" —Target customer

    Get it from Target for $10.

    24. A portable lantern so you can always have lighting everywhere you go. With a built-in 4,000-mAh rechargeable battery, you can have peace of mind when you're out camping or in case of emergencies. Also, it's great for blanket forts.

    The lantern in a bathroom

    Promising review: "The light is soft and warm. It reminds me of old fashion kerosene camping lanterns. One lamp easily lit our 12-foot by 8-foot camper at night (though it would have been tough to read by it if you were across the room from it). Two would be all you'd ever need in that size space. The dimmer feature is awesome! Works great for "mood" lighting. It charges with a standard micro-USB cable which is great for us! We can charge it with a car charger on the road and have light for our whole trip! The light itself is very lightweight but it is very attractive. My husband liked it so much, he's using it as his bedside light." —Monica

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    25. A microfiber cooling towel because, hi, summer is coming and I basically sweat 24/7 for three months. It works by using moisture from the towel to draw the sweat away from your body, leaving you feeling oh-so-cool. All you have to do is soak it, wring it, and snap it!

    The towels in various colors

    Promising review: "Even when it is dark out, it's still so hot in Phoenix during the summer months. I walk my dog in the evening and this cools down my neck and shoulders so much." —Kindle Customer AZ

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in four styles).

    26. Shower hooks so you can hang up your loofah, razors, or basically anything you don't want sitting on the corners of your tub. This keeps them from developing rust or mildew by allowing air to flow. "Yess, let the air flow through you."

    The suctions on a bathroom wall

    Promising review: "These plastic hooks are amazing, they come with a decently good-sized hook for your razor, and an extra hook up top to hang your loofah. They got some sticky feel on the suction pad, and you can adjust it by putting the suction cup on your wall (tiled shower in my case), then you press into the suction cut and slowly lower your hooks down so they can look like in the ad picture. Very easy to install, good bang for your buck, good quality, and I would definitely buy them again. I’m one happy customer!" —Kat G.

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99+ (available in three styles).

    27. Silicone lids that will save you from dirtying another container (or using plastic wrap, blegh) trying to store your food away. These bad boys will create an airtight seal over whatever bowl you have for the easiest storage ever.


    Promising review: "Love, love, love these lids and they are saving me money too from not constantly using plastic wrap! I have to say that I was shocked at how well these lids worked! It didn’t seem possible you would get such a tight seal on something you just lay on top of your bowl but they do and was I happily surprised! These guys are amazing and I would buy them again in a heartbeat, make that a New York heartbeat!" —LjDavis1

    Get it from Food52 for $40 (available in two colors).

    28. A leather conditioner because you've finally made the plunge and bought quality shoes for the first time, and you need to actually take care of them. This conditioner will repair and protect your leather shoes, jackets, car seats, bags, you name it. Best part? Just one treatment will last up to six months!

    A before and after of a leather couch

    Promising review: "I recently bought the Leather Honey cleaner and used it to clean the chair and ottoman. Easy to use and after a few days I really looked at it and realized how soft the leather looked. No longer cracked and hard. This is just the cleaner. I ordered the Leather Honey conditioner, applying one coat and let it sit overnight. The chair was coming to life. I reapplied another coat and 24 hrs looked at it again. This stuff really works. So supple and soft. Should have done this to them over the years but this is looking more like a soft loved baseball glove." —Girl Next Door

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 or Subscribe & Save for $17.99/month.

    29. A 50 States photo map so you and your partner can frame photos of yourselves visiting each state until you've filled them all up. Not only is it a great way to make memories for the both of you, but would actually be an amazing gift for a loved one!

    The photo map
    ThunderBunnyLabs / Etsy

    ThunderBunnyLabs is a small business based in Troy, Michigan that specializes in photo maps.

    Promising review: "So pleased with this US map photo display! Well built. Securely packaged. And it has a wire attached for hanging which I had forgotten about but so appreciate. The photo sizing site seems helpful though I haven’t printed the photos yet. I will say it’s challenging to find the right photos for some states given their shape or size but I’m sure we’ll figure it out. That’s not something that can be helped and we wouldn’t have gone any larger anyway!" —Kendra Decker

    Get it from ThunderBunnyLabs on Etsy for $69+ (available in four styles and seven colors).

    30. And a grout cleaner because you'd be surprised at how dirty the grout around your tiles actually is. This would be a simple day project and you'd be obsessed with the results, trust me.

    Promising review: "I never leave reviews on Amazon but this grout cleaner definitely deserved a review. I tried three other cleaners before buying Grout-eez and they did nothing but waste my time and money. Grout-eez got my grout perfectly clean in no time plus it was easy to use and no odor. I'll never use another grout cleaner." —Tyler

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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