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    31 Products From Walmart To Help Upgrade Your Home Without A Ton Of Work

    Drawer handles, curtain rods, and doorknobs? Sometimes the simplest upgrade can make a huge difference.

    1. A peel-and-stick window film so you can add a little privacy to your space from your neighbors when you're walking around naked. Feel sorry for your roommate, though.

    2. A brushed nickel kitchen faucet with a pull-down spray that will immediately make your kitchen look fancier. Time to start that cooking YouTube channel you've been contemplating all of quarantine.

    A brushed nickel kitchen faucet with a pull-down spray installed on a sink in a kitchen

    3. An eight-piece comforter set complete with bed skirt because you deserve to sleep on a cloud and this looks, well, just like one, doesn't it? "Ahh... this is the height of luxury" —you, every night.

    A white eight-piece comforter set on a bed with four pillows in a bedroom

    4. A brushed silver curved shower rod to make your bathroom look literally like a sleek hotel bathroom with little to no effort. The extra space in the shower is also great for your impromptu concerts. Beyoncé who? It's Becky.

    A closeup of a curved chrome shower rod installed on bathroom tile with hooks and a shower curtain hanging

    5. A modern doorknob for any room in your home you don't need to lock. You'd be surprised at how different your space will look without those 80s gold door knobs stinkin' up the place and they're actually really easy to install.

    Two brushed silver door knobs

    6. A decorative pillow to replace those old ones you've had since you got your first apartment and have questionable takeout stains on them. This pillow exudes "I'm an interior decorator" vibes AND it's textured. *pats*

    A cream textured throw pillow on the floor with tassels attached to each corner and a pink textured throw pillow on a blue chair

    7. An outlet cover because a lot of people forget about these, but they're so easy to change and really make such a statement when they look cute. Turn on that straightener with ~style~.

    An aged bronze outlet cover

    8. An industrial bookcase that looks like an actual piece of art and will completely elevate your space. Go from "garage sale broken bookshelf" to "influencer's stylish furniture piece" with just one simple purchase.

    An industrial-style bookshelf with two drawers on the bottom and open shelves on the top mounted to the wall of a living room

    9. A wooden headboard for the rustic vibes you've been pinning on Pinterest since you binge-watched Fixer Upper last weekend. "Honey it's not cabin, it's farmhouse chic!" —you, redecorating your entire home.

    A rustic wood headboard installed behind a bed in a bedroom

    10. A peel-and-stick backsplash to make your kitchen or bathroom look completely remodeled even though it took you less than a day to complete.

    Peel and stick stone backsplash of various grey tones with kitchen products propped in front of it

    11. An eclectic chandelier that will definitely be a conversation piece in your entryway. "Wow, who's your interior decorator? This piece is amazing!" It's Walmart. *flips hair*

    A chrome finish starburst-style chandelier installed in a kitchen

    12. A side C table with a walnut finish to give you some surface area for your coffee mugs while taking up very little space. It tucks perfectly into your sofa's arm, which makes it perfect for small apartments. C table? You mean "Yass table"!

    A black c table with a dark wood finish on the surface

    13. A pack of 12 LED lightbulbs for a ~visual~ upgrade — even before you turn on these soft lights, your wallet will definitely feel the improvement.

    Twelve LED lightbulbs

    14. A satin nickel pull handle so you can make the easiest switch to your cabinets in less than an hour and you'll have a completely different look in your kitchen.

    15. A pack of cable covers to organize those unsightly cables you have hanging around your TV. You'd be surprised how much more sleek your place can look with this simple upgrade. Cables, be gone!

    Progress photos of cables from a TV being covered by a cable cover and then painted to match the wall

    16. A soap holder that may actually be ~fancy looking~ enough to be graced by your Whole Food's organic, non-GMO, vegan soap you love so much. Plus, it adds to your spa-bathroom vibe.

    A bronze soap dish holder with slats

    17. A single wall hook because it just looks more chic and minimal to have a few of these in your entryway than a big block of them, ya know?

    A chrome wall hook installed to a wall holding with a loofah hanging off of it

    18. A three-pack of under-cabinet LED lights to add a little ~flair~ to your kitchen space. ♫ Shine bright like a modern kitchen space. ♫

    Three LED lights in shot and two additional ones installed under a cabinet space

    19. A curtain rod set because honestly, it's just time to upgrade from those ugly (sorry!) default ones everyone has. You know the ones ... get rid of 'em.

    A corner of a mounted curtain rod showcasing the brushed nickel and detail on the end ball

    20. A set of coasters to replace your very chic pizza place napkins you've been using in lieu of real coasters. Okay, it's me. I'm doing it.

    A set of coasters in a stack and one on a table under a wine glass filled with white wine

    21. An artificial tree that will add so much needed foliage to your home without the responsibility of taking care of an entire tree. I can't even take care of my succulents. They're fake.

    An artificial ficus tree in a living room

    22. A hall tree bench to completely revamp your entryway space with just one new piece. No more piles of jackets on the same hook desperately hanging for dear life!

    A hall tree bench in an entryway with baskets on the bottom shelf and accessories hanging on the hooks

    23. A six-piece storage organizer bin set so you can finally organize all of your half empty bottles of dressings and bags of baby carrots you never get around to eating. It's called an ~upgrade~.

    Clear bins in a fridge with food stored in them in an organized fashion

    24. A floor lamp that will make your living room look like a photo someone would pin on Pinterest as #goals.

    A black floor lamp in a living room with three light bulbs that have cage shades over them

    25. A set of four containers you can use to store your pantry items and get them out of those basic packages they come in. Plus, now you can see how much food you actually have! *cue to me realizing my entire box of pasta only had three lone shells*

    Four clear containers of varying sizes stacked with food inside

    26. A plush bathmat because, let's be real, you've had yours for a little way too long and it's not even the same color anymore. Upgrade to one of these bad boys and sink your lil' toes in. ~Ahh, luxury~

    A plush dark grey bath mat in front of a bathroom sink

    27. A gold bar cart so you can feel like a fancy adult who entertains friends with exotic liquor, even if it's a virtual hangout. Having a designated spot for your drinks makes any space look that much cooler, change my mind.

    A gold chrome bar cart with wheels with two tiers and bottles of liquor placed on them

    28. A TV wall mount to fill some vertical space in your living room. This mount also swivels so you can watch your guilty pleasure trashy TV from any angle of your home! Bring it on, Love Island!

    A TV mounted on the wall with a swivel mount in a bedroom

    29. A leaning floor mirror from the Drew Barrymore Flower Home collection that will make your space look way more put together than you probably feel.

    A floor mirror with a wooden frame leaning against a wall in a living space next to a chair and books

    30. A ceramic diffuser because sometimes the easiest way to upgrade your home is to focus on the little things, like a relaxing essential oil permeating the living room through a sleek diffuser.

    A white ceramic diffuser with a ceramic flower on top

    31. A blackout curtain panel to keep the light out when you're trying to sleep, the warm in when it's chilly out, and the home cool for the summer, a-la Demi Lovato.

    A pair of navy blue blackout curtain panels hung in front of a window in a living room

    Your home, with all these snazzy upgrades

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