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    17 Problem-Solving Products For Rabbit Owners You Can Get On Amazon

    Somebunny once told me that they'd love to chew on their bowls.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A playpen so you can have bonding time with your bunny without having to chase them around the room. It's also waterproof so you don't have to worry about any messes leaking through to your floor.

    An image of a playpen with toys inside

    2. A pack of three woven grass bed mats that your bunny will absolutely love to chew up and sleep on, keeping them entertained and happy for hours.

    An image of a black bunny sitting on top of a grass mat

    3. An adjustable harness with a leash for your bunny to explore the great outdoors and you don't have to worry about them running away or getting hurt. Adventure on, little buddy (but safely)!

    An image of two bunnies wearing pink harnesses with leashes

    4. A corner litter pan that will help your rabbit have a designated area to do their ~business~ — everyone deserves a special poop area.

    5. A chew toy with 100% natural organic apple sticks for your bunny to improve their dental health while also keeping them entertained when you can't spend quality time with them.

    An image of a bunny chew toy with five hay balls and six sticks on a wire string

    6. A package of rabbit treats to give your bunny friend every so often. These treats have carrot and vitamin A which will help ensure your bunny gets their vitamin needs met.

    An image of a box of bunny carrot treats

    7. A no-drip water bottle so your bunny doesn't have to worry anymore about their bedding getting uncomfortably wet from water drops. The top opens outside of the cage, making it ridiculously easy to refill.

    An image of a bunny in a cage with a plastic water bottle hung to the right of the cage

    8. A three-pack of cage liners that will provide an extra layer of protection in the cage for your bunny's messes, making clean-up a breeze. You can spend less time cleaning up, and more time cuddling your buddy!

    An image of three boxes of super-absorbent cage liners

    9. A probiotic supplement created specifically for rabbit digestive systems to help your rabbit get some relief from diarrhea. No one likes that.

    An image of a container of probiotic for rabbits

    10. A hay feeder that will slow down any fast chewers and also keep the hay from falling out of the cage because you have a messy bunny.

    An image of a hay feeder in a cage

    11. A grooming kit to help keep their shedding at bay while also providing gentle, flexible needles that won't hurt your bunny.

    An image of a bunny, guinea pig, a de-shedding glove, and a de-shedding brush

    12. A two-pack grass house because is there anything cuter than when your pets get a little cozy home to chill in? The best part? It's edible so you don't have to worry about your bunny chewing their home away ~a-la Hansel & Gretel~.

    13. A variety pack of chew toy balls that will literally provide your bunnies with hours of entertainment, perfect for when you're working or occupied with something else.

    An image of a bunny on the floor playing with six rolling chew toy balls

    14. A soft fleece mat because let's be real, fuzzy fleece blankets and beds will instantly make any person (or bunny) happy! This is a great mat to give your bunny a safe place to rest where they can feel relaxed and content.

    15. A collapsible tunnel that is definitely not just for cats! Your bunny buddy will absolutely love running through this and hiding inside, probably thinking of secret bunny things.

    An image of a bunny sticking its head out of an opening of a crinkly tunnel

    16. A cage cleaner to make the daunting task of cleaning your bunny's home that much easier and less cumbersome. It's safe to use around your pets and doesn't leave any strong scents that may irritate your bunny's respiratory system.

    An image of a spray bottle of Nature's Miracle Cage Cleaner

    17. An edible bowl made of timothy hay, a great source of fiber for your bunny so they can enjoy their daily food and have an entertaining day chewing their bowl between feedings. Better than your furniture, right?

    Your bunny, feeling spoiled and loved by you.

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