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    People Are Sharing Things Authors Do In Books That Distract Them, And I Agree With All Of Them

    Writing is tough, but some things are just deal breakers for readers.

    I read a lot, and with great power comes...the ability to notice annoying things in writing. Because of this, there are things authors do in books that really just ruin the vibe for me — and apparently other readers, too.

    1. Here are the other most distracting things authors do:

    Not to mention...I hate hearing my name out loud. Is that weird?

    2. I'm looking at you, Carrie Bradshaw.

    3. I can't stop picturing a character hitting whistle notes in surprise. 

    4. This is almost as bad as "chuckled."

    5. "No one ever notices me...but you did, hot, handsome guy."

    6. "Then he yeeted the ring into Mordor."

    7. Why have I never noticed this? Has anyone else?!

    8. Ah yes, the ol' "You had the power in you all along" bit.

    9. I can't be the only one who skims through these parts in the books. I don't have time for your thoughts. 

    10. Mmm, buttery. 

    11. I recently read a book with so many typos, I couldn't continue reading it. Edit your work, folks!

    12. "Kelsier raised his eyebrow maladroitly."

    13. Let's try to be a bit more realistic in books, please.

    14. A single tear rolled down my cheek reading this comment. 

    15. When your entire character's personality is based on this, maybe try something new. 

    16. This sounds more like a projected fantasy by the author, hmm.

    17. Ahem...X Æ A-12.

    18. Ugh, I know it's the author's way of describing something for the reader, but there has to be another, more natural way.

    19. It's weird if it's a first-person story, but I think third-person would be fine!

    20. Forever baring my teeth when I'm angry. 

    21. Suddenly, I have a secret hidden skill that will help me in this exact situation!

    22. It's the stinky eye, for me.

    23. Me, but with my crippling anxiety.

    24. As a bilingual, I have literally never done this.

    25. I read this comment to perfection. Flips hair

    26. Sounds a lot like lazy writing. 

    27. "Blimey, guv'nor, eets a reel pain in ze neck tryan to reed tings phonetical like."

    28. I. HATE. THIS. SO. MUCH.

    29. It's Stephanie, not Stephanie!

    30. There has to be another way to make this more natural. 

    31. Too many questions, not enough answers.

    32. I don't think I have ever called my siblings "bro" or "sis." I have, however, called them stinky.

    33. This comment piqued my anger too.

    34. As someone with curly hair, I have literally never brushed it.

    35. Immediately skims through it

    36. Overly described scenes immediately distract me from the story.

    37. 🎵 And I think to myself, what a wonderful world. 🎵 

    38. This would be so confusing to me.

    39. How else would you describe a connection?

    40. I laughed impossibly loud at this comment.

    41. Make it make sense, authors!

    42. Ugh, I cringed so hard at the thought.

    43. Unless your character is an angsty teen, they probably don't need to roll their eyes so much.

    44. Honestly, all my looks say I'm hungry and tired.

    45. Dreams are useless to me, especially considering that my actual dreams are about me being a guinea pig running around in a forest.

    46. Bob must be trying to communicate with cats, okay?

    47. I'd do this too if I were an author, tbh.

    48. SO accurate. I don't need to know that you know who the Kardashians are.

    49. Just tried this; didn't work.

    50. "Chuckled." That's all.

    What is something an author does that bothers you? Let us know in the comments!