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    Here Are 31 Things That YouTubers Do That Annoy People, And Some Actually Shocked Me

    On behalf of everyone, stop with the weird thumbnails.

    Most, if not all of us, have watched a YouTube video at least once. And sometimes you find someone you actually want to subscribe to. However, what about those YouTubers you find and something about them irks you?

    When Reddit user u/jasmall12 asked, "What Is Something YouTubers Do That Annoys the Crap Out of You?" people dished their honest peeves, and you'll probably agree with the entire list.

    1. "When people lie with their titles and thumbnails. I love watching restoration videos (people restoring old tools, machines, etc., to their former original condition), and I’ve noticed some people lying that they’ve done an amazing restoration in the thumbnail but actually do a crap job and end up with a completely different item than it originally was."

    2. "When their 'introduction' is so long that I give up before actually getting to what the video’s supposed to be about."


    3. "Clickbait, unnecessary zooms, laugh tracks, and music that is used too much."

    4. "Giant, eye-catching arrows that point to nothing in video icons. It must work, but really?"


    5. "Inconsistent volume. Super-loud intro music, and you can barely hear them."


    6. "Thumbnails with those overly excited, open-mouth facial expressions."


    7. "Apology videos in which the YouTuber sits in front of their sofa in gray sweats, along with a messy bun of long hair and glasses, and turn off the camera once the whole thing ends."

    8. "Use their kids."


    9. "When they sprinkle like 30 ads into a 10-minute video."

    10. "Create videos that are 10 minutes and 2 seconds long that could have been done in 3, but YouTube has a minimum length for ad revenue/it's better for the algorithm or something."


    11. "(Gone wrong!!)😯🤢🤮😞(!gone sexual!)🥰🤩😛🤪(scary!!)😲😰😱."

    "Yeah, it's just annoying clickbait."


    12. "When they say subscribe or a clown will be under your covers at 4 a.m."

    13. "Putting an attractive, semi-naked woman in the thumbnail who has nothing to do with the video."


    14. "'Storytime' where the most banal experience is made into a 15-minute drama of nothing."

    15. "Editing their videos like the fence-climbing scene from Taken."

    "Seriously, I don't need 100 cuts when you're just speaking into the camera."


    16. "When their commentary sounds like a fucking news channel. Just talk normal, yo."


    17. "Any of them that act unnaturally super excited about everything. I follow those who seem to at least be a version of their normal self."


    18. "When they start the video with, 'WHAT'S UP, GUYS, IT'S YA BOY/GIRL, AND TODAY I'M GONNA...'"

    19. "Challenges similar to '1,000-degree knife challenge.'"


    20. "Calling out the lurkers who watch but don't subscribe. It's a good way for me to unsubscribe."

    "Just make your content; people will come."


    21. "Yelling...why do they so yell so much? It's bad enough to make my kid think that shouting is a way to express himself — not just talking loud, but like shouting at the top of his lungs."

    22. "I like ASMR videos, but I can't stand the TAPPING on everything. *Taps item with talonlike fingernails.* You like that, YouTube? Is your brain tingling? *Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.*"


    23. "Lack of originality does it for me. Like, it's cool to be inspired by some of the bigger creators out there, but you gotta bring something of your own to the table if you want to get anywhere."

    24. "You DO NOT have to CAPITALIZE random words IN YOUR TITLE. We are ABLE to READ WORDS and LOCATE YOUR CONTENT even when YOU TYPE like a NORMAL PERSON, we PROMISE."

    "This forces me to hear your title in my head like a skipping CD — knock it off, ya ding-dongs."


    25. "The ones who constantly show off how much money they have."

    26. "When they start a video by apologizing for how they look or some barely noticeable background noise. It drives me crazy."


    27. "When a video is 10 times longer than it needs to be. 'I'm going to show you what I did to solve this one simple problem, but not before I tell you my life story and plug my advertisement.'"


    28. "Spreading false information because they're too lazy to get the actual information themselves."

    29. "Putting their sponsorship ad in the middle of the video. It just interrupts the flow of what they're talking about."


    30. "This is a little different from the other answers, but I absolutely hate seeing vloggers in public. Like, do you really have to record and talk about everything you do???"

    "I’m just trying to eat my Costco hotdog in peace."


    31. And finally, "Making way more money than I do."

    What are some things YouTubers do that annoy you? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been lightly edited for length and/or clarity.