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    16 Moments Of Anya Taylor-Joy Being Amazing Because I'm Low-Key Obsessed With Her

    Suddenly I'm, like, really into chess.

    I would like to start off by saying if you haven't seen The Queen's Gambit on Netflix yet, stop reading this (just kidding — please keep reading; I need friends) and go binge it right now. Like, seriously.

    After being in a trance while watching this amazing show about chess (a sentence I never thought I'd say, tbh), I did what pretty much everyone does after discovering a new celebrity: obsess over how amazing they are.

    So in comes Anya Taylor-Joy being so amazing by existing. Imagine looking this flawless while just walking.

    Anya Taylor-Joy walking in a long coat and sunglasses

    If I tried to pull off this outfit, I would literally look like a small child who decided to wear all of her mother's clothes to feel like an "adult."

    Anya Taylor-Joy walking in a long coat, sunglasses, and platform heels

    And she knows the Vulcan salute? Yes, yes, I will live long and prosper knowing that Anya Taylor-Joy has graced my life with her awesomeness.

    Anya Taylor-Joy doing the Vulcan salute

    Why does this pose look like something I would have done in middle school with my friends as an unironic photo shoot for Myspace? Okay, she'd still be in my Top 8.

    Anya Taylor-Joy posing with co-stars against a wall

    Even her dog can't deny how cute she is.

    Here she is just sitting casually like we all do, nbd.

    The way her face perfectly captures how I feel about 2020 still not being over is *chef's kiss* beautiful.

    Anya Taylor-Joy posing with award

    How can one not want to be her friend?! Do we think she's taking applications for friends? I'm asking for me.

    Why yes, I'd love to start a book club together. Thanks for asking, Anya!

    Honestly, this is just so cute.

    Imagine not looking like a lumberjack in overalls. I didn't even think it was possible until Anya.

    Anya Taylor-Joy in overalls walking with a friend

    Or being cool enough to pull off a bear costume so well.

    The angsty queen I always dreamed of being during my emo-scene phase.

    Posing with plants in an ~artistic~ way is my dream aesthetic, ngl.

    In conclusion, this is my official request to be Anya Taylor-Joy's newest friend. Suddenly I'm really into chess, even if I don't get it at all.

    The end.

    Anya Taylor-Joy at a press conference