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    I Tried A Bunch Of TikTok Beauty Hacks And Some Are Definitely Game-Changing

    From novice to...a clever novice.

    Hello! I'm Stephanie. You may not (you definitely don't) know this about me, but I suck at makeup. Like really. The most I typically do is fill in my thin brows (RIP thin brow era) and use foundation and mascara.

    However, I genuinely enjoy scrolling through my TikTok and seeing the beautiful looks people put together. Whilst diving into the black hole that is TikTok I started stumbling upon makeup hacks. They seemed easy enough even for an ultra novice like me. So I decided to take one for the team and test these babies out.

    1. First, I wanted to do something that involved eyeliner. So, I found this hack by @beautyhacks to ease me into starting these. It's basically supposed to start your "wing" on your liner. My arch-nemesis.


    To help get those wings looking more like sisters and less like distant cousins 🤪 #whatspoppin #makeuproutine #boostyourmood

    ♬ thank you guys so much for using this sound - L :)

    Did it work? Yes!

    Stephanie Hope / BuzzFeed

    I actually messed up the first time because I used the wrong side of the tweezer, but once I figured out it worked! It does make a small wing, but it gives you a template to start with. The possibilities are ~endless.~

    2. I have literally never in my life done a cut crease. They are incredibly intimidating. However, I found this video by @beautyhacks and the eyelash curler method seemed doable for me!

    Did it work? Kinda!

    Stephanie Hope / BuzzFeed

    I think it actually looks really cute. It is super sharp and defined? No, but for my style, I think it came out quite nice! I definitely think I should have done it slighter, but c'est la vie.

    3. Honestly, I just want to look like those stunning people on TikTok who are absolutely nailing the Fox Eye look. This video from @autumnelizafaith seemed easy enough, all I needed is tape!

    Did it work? I think so?

    Stephanie Hope / BuzzFeed

    It's ridiculously subtle even for my taste but that was probably my own mistake. I struggled with this one a lot but I think with practice, I'll nail it.

    4. Who doesn't want adorably pink lips, am I right? So when I found this video from @glamzillaxo I knew I had to try it. It seemed pretty self-explanatory but oh ho ho. Be warned. Apply way less liquid lipstick.

    Did it work? Yes!

    Stephanie Hope / BuzzFeed

    It definitely did work...the second try. I put way too much lipstick and it ended up just being red. I tried it a second time and got a more natural result — like I had been eating a bunch of cherries.

    I used the teeeeniest bit as you can see because I have a really good liquid lipstick.

    5. Because who doesn't want to apply eyeshadow with q-tips? I saw this hack from @bilintinamakeup and I just had to try it. She made it look so colorful!

    Did it work? Eh.

    Stephanie Hope / BuzzFeed

    I don't have bright colors as she does, so I worked with the brightest ones I had. It took a couple of times of layering, but that's definitely because I buy my palettes at TJMaxx.

    6. We all have probably dealt with the "too much lipstick in the corner of my mouth" dilemma. right? Well, this video from @sanjuprasai10 shows a really clever hack to fix that issue!

    Did it work? NO.

    Stephanie Hope / BuzzFeed

    I really think this depends on the size of your lips. Hers were much fuller than mine so I think it's easier when you have more lip. I missed a whole lot of lip on the edges.

    Also, I swear I don't apply lipstick this terribly. It's really hard with a q-tip in your mouth!

    7. "I can finally see what I'd look like with a fuller upper lip!" I said to myself as I watched this hack from @amlmakeup. It couldn't be any easier so I was actually really excited to try it.

    Did it work? Yes!

    Stephanie Hope / BuzzFeed

    It 100% works. I went very light (because I'm a scaredy-cat) as I didn't have the same color she used. I can definitely see more "lift".

    Note: I only applied it to the left side of my lip. In hindsight, I should have done the whole lip for dramatic effect.

    8. Lastly, the bane of my existence: falsies. I actually own an exceptional amount of false lashes for someone who doesn't wear them. I so desperately want to learn how to wear them, but I chicken out. This hack by @gretzieparth gave me a little bit of hope that I, too, could have eyelashes for days.

    Did it work? Yes!

    Stephanie Hope / BuzzFeed

    Okay, I had to do it multiple times. I am still awful at applying but the "hack" to start in the center was actually ridiculously helpful! Although, I'm still not sure why she said to put the glue on your hand and then the lash.

    9. As someone who has a very minimal routine, the thought of using one product for multiple areas of my face appealed to me. This hack from @arremsdaytoday basically blew my mind. Lipstick as, well, lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow!

    Did it work? Yes!

    Stephanie Hope / BuzzFeed

    Again this is another situation where I just do too much. I literally look like I'm about to perform for a high school play and just found all the makeup in the back. However, with a lighter hand, this could work wonders!

    When I tell you I felt like a clown in this...

    What are your favorite beauty hacks you learned on TikTok? Let us know in the comments!