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I Ranked The "Criminal Minds" Characters From Worst To Best, And You'll Probably Agree With Me

Yes, the best character is exactly who you think it is.

Criminal Minds is honestly one of my favorite shows. It's entertaining, amazing, showstopping, and also a great show for background noise while you scroll through Instagram.

Because I have watched it so much...I have opinions about the characters that you may or may not like.

So I decided to rank them from worst to best:

9. Elle Greenaway

Elle Greenway from Criminal Minds

8. JJ

JJ from Criminal Minds

7. Derek Morgan

Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds

Although I will say, his smile is...*chef's kiss*.

6. David Rossi

David Rossi from Criminal Minds

5. Jason Gideon

Jason Gideon from Criminal Minds

You'll be missed, Gideon.

4. Emily Prentiss

Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds

3. Hotch

Hotch from Criminal Minds

2. Penelope Garcia

Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds

Plus, she's so freaking cute.

1. Spencer Reid

Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds

I'm just a big fan, okay?

How would you rank these characters?