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    31 Products From Walmart So Genius, Their Under $15 Price Tag Is Just A Perk

    You'd be a genius to buy any of these items at this price.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A vegetable dicer and chopper that'll chop your prep time practically in half. No more onion tears, just regular tears. *sobs in existentialism*

    Hands cutting onion with the tool

    Promising review: "This completely blew my expectations! I even tried it on tomatoes and it chopped them better than I ever could. It's simple to use, simple to clean, and even dishwasher-safe. My only regret is not buying it sooner. I love this thing!!" —Walmart customer

    Price: $12.97 (originally $15.97)

    2. A set of 10 Wonder Hangers to triple your closet space with the "lift and release" feature that creates a cascading line of clothes and frees up so much room. It sounds like it's time to go ~shopping~.

    Before-and-after of a crowded closet rack and then the same rack with double the space
    Wonder Hanger

    Promising review: "These are nice!! They definitely help make my closet look way better and adds more space! Well worth the money." —Walmart customer

    Price: $14.99 (originally $24.98)

    3. A Rain-X water repellent spray so you never have to worry about those pesky water droplets obstructing your vision during a rainy drive. ♫ Raindrops keep falling on my windshield...and quickly sliding off ♫

    Person's windshield with one half that's clear and one that's blurred from rain

    Promising review: "When I'm driving only a little over 30 mph and the rain is light, I hardly use my wipers. The rain just simply keeps sliding off the windshield. I'm definitely going to keep buying the product." —Walmart customer

    Price: $4.99

    Just see for yourself at how well this works!

    4. An avocado slicer, because we have been perfecting the avocado toast as ~the~ go-to breakfast and this slicer makes it that much better.


    Promising review: "This is very useful! Saves you a lot of pain trying to get the stone out of the avocado." —Walmart customer

    Price: $11.50

    5. A plastic planter watering globe that will make sure your plant babies stay perfectly hydrated all the time. No more black thumb for you!

    A clear plastic watering globe sits inside a potted plant in a backyard

    Promising review: "Easy to use. Prevents over-watering and saves water!" —Walmart customer

    Price: $1.97

    6. A digital thermometer you can gently place against your baby's head to keep track of any unfortunate fevers. Bonus: you don't even have to wake up them for it! Just six seconds and you're done. Huzzah for three hours of sleep instead of two for you!

    A white digital thermometer sits on a bathroom counter next to its packaging

    Promising review: "Wow! It's not often that you can find an ACCURATE thermometer! This is spot on! I'm very pleased with my purchase! Inexpensive but quality item!" —Walmart customer

    Price: $12.88

    7. A silicone baking tray so you don't ever lose any precious baked goods to the wrath of your sticky old baking tray you greased with butter hoping it was enough. Spoiler alert: it was not.

    A red silicone baking tray on a kitchen counter with twelve blueberry muffins inside

    Promising review: "This pan is fabulous. I didn't need liners to make my muffins and they turned out beautifully. I also love it because I can fold the pan up and store it in a cupboard." —Walmart customer

    Price: $7.63

    8. A pack of blind spot mirrors to increase your line of sight juuust enough to give a stink eye to that driver that almost didn't let you merge into the lane. Nice try, bucko.

    A blind spot mirror attached to a side-view mirror of a car with a cyclist in the reflection

    Promising review: "These mirrors are easy to install on the inside corner of new side mirrors and work perfectly without taking up too much space. Love that they can rotate 360 degrees. Excellent product!" —Walmart customer

    Price: $2.77

    9. A water bottle with a removable infusion basket so you can add fruits and herbs to make your water much more appetizing and you that much fancier.

    A blue water bottle with the lid and infusion basket laid next to it

    Promising review: "I have been looking for something to entice me to drink more water and this is IT. You can take the infuser out and use it as a regular water bottle. I use it at the gym the most. I have had this for a month and when I infuse nothing comes through besides the flavored water." —Walmart customer

    Price: $12.32

    10. A pack of clear fly trap strips you can stick to your window and display your ruthless captures to any other flies so they know who's boss here.

    Model is holding a strip of fly trap adhesive to place on a window that has a strip on it with a few dead flies

    Promising review: "I love these things! No more nasty, messy, weird yellow fly strips hanging around. Just stick one of these on a sunny window and the flies are stuck with no chance of escape! When it's full you just peel it off the window, throw it away and put up a new one. Plus no weird or dangerous chemicals!!" —Walmart customer

    Price: $1.88

    11. A pack of Command strips so you can hang all of the quirky art you got at a thrift store without damaging your walls. "I'll see you next year!" —you, to the security deposit you'll definitely get back now.

    The Command strip with sticky side

    Promising review: "I'm never going back hammering holes in my walls to hang something up! These command strips are so easy to use, come in a variety of sizes, and stick really well! I've had a canvas hanging in my kitchen for over two years using these strips and have never had a problem with them coming detached. I won't use anything else!" —Walmart customer

    Price: $7.88 (available in multiple quantities)

    12. A bottle of Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile liquid soap because here me out, this baby is an 18-in-1. It will clean everything: your hair, your body, your dog, your floors, your clothes, and even your attitude, probably.

    The soap

    Promising review: "Amazing product - can be used to clean most anything and can replace most cleaning and body products. Love this stuff!" —Walmart customer

    Price: $9.97

    13. A knife sharpener from The Pioneer Woman collection that will make your knives unbelievably sharp and also look so cute on your counters.

    A white knife sharpener with a floral design and the words The Pioneer Women printed on and a yellow handle

    Promising review: "This is the best and easiest knife sharpener that I have ever used. I highly recommend it. My knives are much sharper now." —Walmart customer

    Price: $11.97 (available in three colors)

    14. A Disney's Mickey Mouse mug warmer (with the mug included!), because now you can fuel your body with constantly hot caffeine while you fuel your soul with your love for all things Disney.

    A black mug with Mickey Mouse printed on the front sitting on top of a black and red mug warmer with the mouse ears emblem

    Promising review: "This cup warmer was everything I expected it to be. It keeps my coffee hot!" —Walmart customer

    Price: $13.99

    15. A pack of Tide-To-Go instant stain-removing pens so you can quickly remove that coffee stain from your morning Starbucks on your only clean shirt just in time for the Zoom meeting with your boss.

    The stain-removing pen

    Promising review: "I definitely recommend these. Not only is it inexpensive, but the pens themselves work really well. I love this idea because it's so easy to clean your clothes if you spill something on them. It fits in your purse and doesn't take up too much space." —Walmart customer

    Price: $6.97

    16. A pack of garbage disposal fresheners that will keep that stinky old food stench at bay. No one wants to smell your roommate's leftover fish dinner three days later, trust me.

    Person dropping the lemon-scented ball into a garbage disposal

    Promising review: "These fresheners really work. They are a knockout punch for smelly garbage disposals." —Walmart customer

    Price: $2.74

    17. An outdoor window cleaning starter kit complete with an expandable cleaning tool and one cleaning pad so you can get started on those hard-to-reach windows immediately.

    Model is outside of a home wiping windows clean with an expandable cleaning tool

    Promising review: "I have been using this product for a few years and I love, love, love it. Who knew washing a whole house of windows could be so easy." —Walmart customer

    Price: $14.85

    18. A lazy Susan turntable to keep all of your pantry items organized and easy to grab. Lazy Susan? More like Productive Sarah.

    A light wooden turntable lazy Susan with various spices on top in a pull out drawer

    Promising review: "I have a small kitchen and do a lot of cooking. It fits on the counter-top, next to the stove. This turntable is the perfect size for holding a knife set with block and three utensil holders. When I cook everything is right there and it spins easily. The wood is beautiful, I love it!" —Walmart customer

    Price: $12.38

    19. A two-pack of Command hooks to give you some extra places to hang your coats or bags near the front door without having to drill holes into the walls.

    Back of the command hook with sticky adhesive

    Promising review: "I was thrilled to see a command product such as this, in black. I had three 'wall' baskets I wanted to hang on my Whirlpool fridge and stumbled across these. They worked perfectly." —Walmart customer

    Price: $2.88

    20. A slow-feeding bowl for that furbaby of yours that can't seem to slow down during mealtime. I get you, Walter McSnuffins. I really do.

    A light blue feeder bowl with a maze-like structure inside for slow feeding

    Promising review: "This bowl has been a game-changer for my dog. He usually eats extremely fast and always ends up vomiting. We have been using this slow feed bowl for a few weeks and JoJo has not thrown up." —Walmart customer

    Price: $8.97

    21. A two-pack of clip-on toothbrush protectors because honestly every time someone flushes the toilet, poo water definitely splashes straight into the bristles. Okay, probably not, but is it worth the risk? I think not.

    Two toothbrushes sit in a holder with pink and blue protective clips covering the bristles

    Promising review: "These helped keep our toothbrushes clean and feeling fresh. They are simple to use and come in many different colors. I will be using these for everyday use and when traveling to keep my toothbrushes clean." —Walmart customer

    Price: $5.44

    22. A clear umbrella with auto-open so you can quite literally let the rain fall down and wake your dreams ~a-la Hilary Duff~.

    A clear bubble umbrella with bananas printed around it with the words Go Bananas

    Promising review: "I like the weight. It's not too heavy. The design is cute too." —Walmart customer

    Price: $12

    23. A 15-pack of meal prep containers that will keep your pantry looking organized enough that you may actually use them for meal prepping and not storing yesterday's leftover pizza.

    Black meal prep containers with a variety of meals inside several of them

    Promising review: "These are a good size for freezing and leftovers for lunches etc. They seal well, microwave/freezer safe, and dishwasher too. Nice to take food to a relative or friend and cheap enough to replace not caring if I get the dish back." —Walmart customer

    Price: $9.96 (originally $15.99)

    24. A can of Flex Seal sealant coating to seal basically anything you could think of. Leaky roofs, bathtubs, cracked plant pots, and maybe even broken hearts. Note: Does not work on broken hearts, but definitely leaky faucets.

    Model is spraying Flex Seal spray onto the outside corner of a bathtub

    Promising review: "I bought this so I could fix a few things around my house. It definitely came in handy and sealed what I needed it to seal very well. So far I have had no leaks in my project I made." —Walmart customer

    Price: $12.88

    25. A solar-powered hand-crank flashlight so you never have to recreate those cliché scenes in horror movies where the flashlight conveniently runs out of battery. Not today, Michael Myers!

    An olive green solar-powered LED flashlight with a black crank

    Promising review: "I love that it has a solar and crank charge so that you can use it right away if there's no sun or if it hasn't been charged for a while. It's rugged, light, and the carabiner is so useful." —Walmart customer

    Price: $10.58

    26. A container of Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers that can clean any stain, scuff, or dirt on most surfaces. Warning: You will spend the whole day finding things to "erase," because it's that damn good.

    Model is wiping crayon marks off a white wall with a magic eraser

    Promising review: "These Magic Erasers are really powerful. It's the only thing that makes my tub shine and sparkle completely clean. It works wonders on the walls." —Walmart customer

    Price: $6.97

    27. A 20-pack of peel-and-stick tiles so you can redo one of your rooms with little to no effort and completely transform the space.

    A room in a home with peel and stick dark slate marble tiles on the floor

    Promising review: "Amazing product. A snap to install and an awesome result. This was my first time using these and they're very user friendly. Preparing the floor properly was more difficult than the installation. My wife and I love the results." —Walmart customer

    Price: $9.94

    28. A springform pan, because who wants to mess up a cheesecake when you can easily avoid that with one of these bad boys?

    Person pouring cake batter into the pan

    Promising review: "This one was amazing, I bought two to make cheesecakes, they did their job and the cheesecakes turned out amazing!!! Super easy to clean too!" —Walmart customer

    Price: $7.97

    29. A jigsaw puzzle-sorting accessory so you don't have to worry about your pieces getting misplaced or losing your current progress. I know how serious you are about your puzzles.

    Person's puzzle being held in the sorting tray
    Ravensburger / Facebook

    Promising review: "I have them and I love that they can be stacked quickly. Great when company comes and you need to clear your 'projects' up so all the pcs aren't hanging out there to get 'lost' on you! Also, it's so much more professional to use this sorter instead of....anything else." —Walmart customer

    Price: $10.97 (originally $15.97)

    30. A can of Static Guard spray to keep your clothes from clinging in unnecessary ways. *Flashback to me peeling my dress off my tights 29,273 times in one night*

    A teal and white can of Static Guard spray

    Promising review: "My husband's clothes are synthetic NIKE and ADIDAS for work at a university in sports management. I wear all cotton, so we get a lot of static cling in our laundry. Static guard eliminates it! It has a nice fresh smell and leaves clothes soft too. I keep a can in the laundry room and one in my bedroom for things I may have missed. I LOVE THIS STUFF!" —Walmart customer

    Price: $3.56

    31. A stainless-steel apple wedger, because who wants to spend time slicing an apple by hand? We have things to do. Peanut butter to dip apple slices in. ~Very busy.~

    A red apple wedger with stainless steel blades

    Promising review: "The slices come out the perfect size, no seeds to cut out. No mess and easy cleanup. I definitely recommend this product if you don't like slicing apples manually, which I don't, too messy." —Walmart customer

    Price: $9.99

    Anything: *under $15* Me:

    Warner Bros

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