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    Just 26 Fintastic Things From Amazon To Buy Your Fish

    ♫Darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from your fish.♫

    1. A hobbit house with a tunnel to swim through so your fish can have a safe space to brainstorm their next adventure. "To the other side of the tank, Bilbo Betta!" — your fish, probably.

    Reviewer photo of the house decor in a fish tank

    2. A bio-wheel power filter that rotates the water in the tank to keep it clear and comfortable for all your fish.

    Reviewer photo of the filter on a large fish tank

    3. A vitamin supplement for your freshwater fish that may enhance their colors, stimulate their appetite, and even promote increased growth. We love strong, healthy fish!

    The bottle of vitamin supplement

    4. A Spongebob Squarepants house so you can start your very own Bikini Bottom world. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Your goldfish, that's who.

    The SpongeBob house in a tank

    5. A leaf hammock for your betta fish where they can create their little bubble nests and have a place to relax after a long day of swimming.

    A reviewer's photo of their betta fish on the leaf hammock

    6. A container of tropical fish food with shrimp flakes for maximum flavor. Bon appetít, little fishies!

    The container of fish food

    7. An artificial plant that looks so real, your fish may actually think they're at the bottom of the ocean hiding from that other fish they keep seeing on the walls of the tank. "This fish looks just like me... it's weird."

    Reviewer photo of the artificial plant in their fish tank

    8. A bag of river sand to recreate a natural environment for your fish so they can feel right at home.

    Reviewer photo of the sand in their fish tank

    9. A container of food for your koi, ornamental goldfish, and other outdoor fish species. This food provides the nutrition your fish need for a long, healthy life and the floating sticks make it so easy for them to eat and digest.

    The fish food

    10. A set of six glowing jellyfish to bring your tank to life at night. They float so freely and gracefully, guests might think you have a real jellyfish tank! I know you don't, but they don't need to know that.

    Reviewer photo of the glowing jelly fish in their fish tank

    11. A volcano bubbler that is giving me Mount Wannahockaloogie from Finding Nemo vibes. Don't be alarmed if your fish start doing initiations for new members of the tank near this volcano.

    The volcano bubbler in a fish tank

    12. A pack of five moss pebbles so your tank looks like the bottom of a lake without having to worry that Nessie is going to take your fish away!

    The moss pebbles

    13. An air pump that is so silent, you'll forget it's even there while it quietly takes care of your fish and the oxygen levels of your aquarium.

    Air pump shown on a fish tank

    14. An automatic color-changing LED light bubbler to make your fish tank feel like a raving party all day long.

    The LED bubbler shown in a fish tank

    15. A pack of plastic plants that add a beautiful pop of color to even the most plain tank!

    The colorful plastic plants in a fish tank

    16. An automatic fish feeder so you never have to worry if you fed the fish that day or not. Your fish will thank you, trust me.

    The fish feeder

    17. A stone ornament your little fish will love to swim around. It looks so natural, they won't even know the difference!

    The stone ornament

    18. A waterproof LED light bar with 16 different colors and 4 different modes so you can have a different color tank every single day.

    The light bar

    19. A 10-pc pack of 12-inch plants that will literally make your tank look like an underwater jungle. George of the jungle? Nah, that's just Gary the goldfish.

    The tall green fake plants in a large fish tank

    20. A real barnacle cluster to give your fish the perfect little space to hide away from responsibilities whenever they please. I need a human-sized one.

    21. A stress coat conditioner that not only makes your tap water fresh, but will replace your fish's protective coat that may have been damaged by handling or fish fighting.

    The bottle of coat conditioner

    22. A pack of three natural driftwood branches to maximize the realistic feeling in your tank for you and your fish.

    The driftwood in a reviewer's fish tank

    23. A pack of four glow in the dark decorations because you can really never go wrong with anything that glows in the dark. Add a blue LED light for maximum ~glowiness~.

    The glowing decorations are shaped like mushrooms, coral, and seaweed

    24. A box of PH tablets that you use once a month to ensure the PH levels of your fish tank are ideal, keeping the health of your fish in check! Neutral tank = happy fish!

    The box of PH tablets

    25. An ick cure remedy that you'll dread to have to use, but it's so important to have on-hand to help your sick fishies as quickly as possible.

    The bottle of ick cure remedy

    26. A bridge landscape decoration to match the rest of the whimsical theme you have in your tank. You can probably already image your fish taking a stroll across the bridge, can't you?

    Your fish, after you redecorate the whole tank.

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