39 Jokes About Cocomelon Any Parent Will Probably Relate To

    The wheels on the bus go round and round and round and round... It never ends. Cocomelon is here to stay.

    If you're a parent, you probably know exactly what Cocomelon is.

    animated child waving

    That also means you'll probably painfully relate to literally all of these Cocomelon jokes:

    1. When Cocomelon invades your Spotify account.

    SMH, Maddie's Cocomelon and Super Simple Songs are popping up in my release radar now on Spotify! Ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Twitter: @trinagama

    2. Ahh, how times have changed.

    10 years ago I was grinding and twerking at school dances. Now I’m standing in the living room with my 1 year old daughter doing the dance to looby loo on cocomelon

    Twitter: @tiffclark04

    3. I can guarantee it's way too many.

    idek how many times ive watched cocomelon but it’s way too many

    Twitter: @emilygarrciaa


    Tell me you’re a new mom without telling me you’re a new mom. I’ll go first: A cocomelon song had me crying this morning

    Twitter: @iamsam_ranger

    5. Wait...this is news to me.

    so my whole life i’ve been saying “patty cake” until i had a kid and watched Cocomelon and learned that it’s “pat-a-cake” 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Twitter: @elizalynn00

    6. This is basically how I deal with my nephews.

    A day with my little nephew is all about me jamming to cocomelon nursery rhymes .

    Twitter: @Dawctrni_g

    7. Don't we all?

    i’ve watched cocomelon so much that at this point i have them memorized 😭

    Twitter: @miriamperezzb

    8. This is actually something I can support. "Dinner is going to be late. Blame Cocomelon." —Me, to my fiancé in our childless relationship.

    Normalize blaming everything on cocomelon

    Twitter: @akaashistighs

    9. You can add "memorizes things well" to your résumé!

    Never thought I’d be 21 with a 7 month old, knowing all Cocomelon songs by heart 😭😂

    Twitter: @bbocanegraa


    Watching the dad on cocomelon cook and clean everything 😑

    Twitter: @spookypancakes

    11. Sometimes those songs just really get you groovin', ya know?

    In my car alone and didn’t notice I was bopping to Cocomelon for 3 minutes 🥴

    Twitter: @saraepetey

    12. You'll be the happiest person alive?

    If I hear ‘Cocomelon’ one more time

    Twitter: @SimSpeaks

    13. The secret formula:

    For someone who listens to cocomelon 24/7 I’m holding it together very well. What’s my secret you ask? Lots of cannabis and caffeine 🍃💨 ☕️

    Twitter: @scoliohunter

    14. This is the most romantic tweet I have ever seen.

    Love me like babies love Cocomelon so I know it’s real!

    Twitter: @InkyLoccs

    15. Some days you've just had enough.

    any other parents SICK of Cocomelon playing in their damn house? my god 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Twitter: @shannnxoxo

    16. You'll do anything for that Cocomelon decor. Anything.

    Malia got me running around all of LA looking for cocomelon decorations🥴

    Twitter: @_giselleo

    17. The question we all need answers to, honestly.

    Why do kids love cocomelon so much lol

    Twitter: @Piinkink

    18. Cocomelon consumes your life now.

    Another night another Cocomelon song repeating itself relentlessly in my brain

    Twitter: @EscoVictoria

    19. Sounds like an amazing Friday night to me (not).

    Stressing out while trying to study for finals with Cocomelon playing on loop in the background is a special kind of hell.

    Twitter: @lilimodarressi

    20. The ultimate revenge.

    Can’t wait to use “when I was growing up we didn’t have cocomelon” on my kids😭😭😭.

    Twitter: @hisfavoritebrat


    I caught aari shouting at the remote to put on cocomelon lmao (we have the voice activated smart tv feature)

    Twitter: @Kisharia_Ja


    puts on cocomelon 🤝 mommy takes a nap

    Twitter: @abiiisnailll


    Music recommendations??? I’m drowning in cocomelon 😩😂😩

    Twitter: @_ReesesPiecess


    If I wake up singing Cocomelon one more time I’m just gonna end it all

    Twitter: @chyland_

    25. Why is this literally something I would do?

    My son has been asleep for 30 minutes and my dumbass still has cocomelon on

    Twitter: @emillylovescats

    26. Probably how every parent feels, honestly.

    Twitter: @NotevenJae

    27. There is no other show *but* Cocomelon, WDYM?

    I wish my baby understood there’s other shows besides #cocomelon

    Twitter: @harleyjaeway

    28. Cocomelon is love. Cocomelon is life.

    Cocomelon got these kids in some kind of cult

    Twitter: @Shuniquee

    29. Petition to make Cocomelon the unofficial national anthem for 2021.

    Twitter: @haley_madison15

    30. Cocomelon is influencing your pets now. Watch out!

    Yo walked in on my dog watching cocomelon wtf.

    Twitter: @Bardferd

    31. This would literally be a nightmare.

    Jaiden watches cocomelon so damn much I had a dream of them little mf’s. lmfaoooo

    Twitter: @saarahg4

    32. I think we can all agree with this one.

    Twitter: @JordyJazJasmine

    33. This is news to me!

    Note to self: cocomelon doesnt make every baby stop crying.

    Twitter: @ballinqers

    34. Every parent ever.

    Twitter: @adammccoyjones

    35. It's okay. You can tell us you watch Cocomelon.

    im 21 but if u login to my Netflix rn and see my first suggestion is cocomelon idk what to tell u

    Twitter: @whatzoyaa

    36. In this next episode of House Hunters...

    The Cocomelon parents have a huge backyard with an in-ground pool. I never see them go to work. Something fishy is going on.

    Twitter: @TyInLouisville

    37. My answer is: definitely yes and it drives the royal family crazy.

    do you think the royal kids watch cocomelon

    Twitter: @pabulayers

    38. Honestly, same.

    I talk a big game for someone who acts like the dad in Cocomelon when I get a boo-boo.

    Twitter: @kk_waters

    39. And finally, the truth:

    In this house we worship cocomelon

    Twitter: @tireeedmom