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    Just 25 Things From Bellesa Boutique With Reviews That Might Make You Want To Hit Add To Cart

    It's getting *hot* in here, and soon in your bedroom.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An Air dual stimulator that uses powerful negative pressure waves to stimulate the clit through the silicone jet ~and~ a G-spot vibrator for double the orgasm. Is there a better kind? *Spoiler Alert* There is not.

    The curved vibrator

    2. An A-play plug for when you're just starting out with anal play but still want to experience amazing pleasure. It has 10 stimulating patterns of vibrations you can control with the device or with the remote for some hands-free fun.

    A black beginner anal plug

    3. An BuzzFeed AirVibe clit suction vibrator that doubles as a G-spot stimulator, giving you double the pleasure with 10 different vibration modes. It's waterproof, rechargeable, ~and~ comes in a discreet compact case, no bigger than your blush.

    4. A Blush Avant dildo because sometimes all you need is a simple dildo. This multi-colored bad boy is slim, easy to clean, and waterproof. Bubble baths just got waaay more fun. Bonus: This dildo is perfect for strap-on harnesses.

    A multi-colored dildo

    5. A wearable couples toy so two people can enjoy a bit of fun simultaneously. To wear this, the smaller part goes inside one party along with the penis or strap-on while the larger part sits on top. The best part is that it is designed to sit perfectly in place while you have sex, so it's a hand-free toy with all the fun.

    The curved vibrator with remote

    6. A versatile curved Satisfyer toy that can be used in 33 (yes, 33!) different ways! You can use it as a nipple, labia, or clit stimulator, apply to the base of a penis, anally, vaginally, you name it! The possibilities are ~endless~.

    The Satisfyer in white

    7. A clit stimulator with pressure wave technology to gently caress and suck the clit as no other toy or person has before. Plus, it's super quiet for when you want to pleasure yourself, but don't want the neighbors to hear.

    The clit-sucking toy

    8. A strapless strap-on because sometimes you don't want to wear a bulky harness to pleasure your partner. It stays in place with the curved probe, which *also* delivered G-spot stimulation to the wearer. Plus, it's waterproof! Did someone say "shower sex"? I did. I said it.

    A purple strapless strap on

    9. A bed restraint kit because you read 50 Shades of Grey and it's time you create your own sexual fantasies with your Christian Grey. The straps are installed by putting them underneath the mattress and having the cuffs hang over the top where your limbs will be. The best part is they can easily be hidden by stuffing them under the mattress.

    A bed restraint kit in black

    10. A Halo vibrating ring to slide around the base of your partner's penis, making them last longer and giving you some serious vaginal penetration *and* clit stimulation. Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.

    The purple ring toy

    11. An oral sex stimulator to stimulate the clit with suction, target the G-spot with vibration, and simulate oral sex with the little pink tongue. You can even use this attachment on your nipples!

    An oral sex stimulator

    12. A curved, flexible vibrator ergonomically designed to hit that G-spot. Every. Single. Time. It has 12 mind-blowing vibration programs made up of six intensities and six rhythms, ~and~ conveniently has a ring at the bottom for easy solo play.

    A G-spot vibrator in lavender

    13. A pair of vibrating panties to spice up your Zoom meetings while your partner controls the remote. Totally kidding (not really), but this is a really fun way to do something a little sexy and naughty with your partner.

    Vibrating lace panties with a remote

    14. A dual-stimulating vibrator because it is lab-crafted to hit that G-spot and clit simultaneously without sacrificing the pleasure for either of them. Each vibration pattern it has is matched with a specified LED color which makes it easy to remember which one is your *go-to*.

    The dual-stimulating vibrator

    15. A glass butt plug designed to widen, relax, and even stimulate that P-spot. It's perfect for beginners getting started with anal play, with smooth fracture-resistant glass that's compatible with any lube. Glass also retains heat and cold which means increased ~stimulation~.

    A glass anal plug

    16. A wand vibrator that just reminds me of that one episode of Sex and the City with Samantha. This big player (emphasis on the ~big~) is a whopping 13 inches and can even help relieve tension outside of your vagina, like neck pain, hello. It has 10 different vibration styles and five different intensities, so 50 different combinations to choose from!

    The wand vibrators in black, white, and purple

    17. A set of anal beads designed to provide some amazing anal sensation while increasing the feeling of "fullness" with each bead. Each set has different textures to try, one smoother than the other, so you can work your way into the more textured anal beads.

    Black anal beads in varying sizes

    18. A realistic sex toy equipped with a heating function so it will literally feel like a real vagina. Once activated, you can change the heating setting up to 104ºF and choose from 70 different vibration combinations. This is great for solo play or if you want to watch your partner feel some really intense pleasure.

    A sex simulator for men

    19. A pair of nipple vacuums so you can show yourself a little bit of extra love. These can also be used on really anything — all you need to do is create a seal against the skin, twist the black cap clockwise to activate suction, and sit back and enjoy the sensation.

    Nipple vacuums

    20. A Jack Rabbit because no sex toy list is complete without the Rabbit. The vibrator thrusts with three different speeds of rise-and-fall thrusting motions for the most intense experience that works best for your body. Bonus: there are also seven more modes of pulsating clit stimulation courtesy of the cute little rabbit.

    The Rabbit vibrator in purple

    21. A prostate stimulator designed to provide a fuller range of movement that will help you reach your big "O" with some major prostate love.

    A white male prostate stimulator

    22. A bunny cock ring for an hour of unforgettable fun with five different levels of stimulation while your partner stays rock hard for way longer. Just recharge when you're done so it's ready to go for next time!

    A Bunny vibrator cock ring

    23. A silicone dildo for when you want something a bit more moderately sized at 6.5 inches. It's also perfectly designed to be used for a harness and is a great option for beginners.

    A strap-on dildo in purple

    24. A bullet vibrator to use externally and discreetly whenever you want to get off. The motor has 15 different functions which are conveniently controlled with a push of a button at the top of the bullet. You'll be orgasming faster than a bullet can travel, trust me.

    A discreet bullet vibrator

    25. A 3Some silicone vibrator that tackles not one, not two, but ~three~ spots. We have the anal plug, the vibrator, and the clit stimulator, all perfectly designed for the ultimate orgasm. If you don't want to use the anal plug yet, it can easily be moved aside outside of the anus and you can still enjoy the rest of this vibrator. Ugh, we love a multi-functional queen, don't we?

    A three-prong vibrator

    You, after seeing these amazing toys you could have.

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