Why Jennifer Lawrence Would Be A Great Wedding Guest

J-Law can crash my wedding anytime.

1. Jennifer Lawrence would be a pretty cool wedding guest.

2. I mean, look how excited she is to see you!

3. If someone spilled a glass of wine on her, she’d keep her cool.

4. She’d be nice and ask your little brother how he’s doing, since he’s had a crush on her forever.

5. She’d scare away your fiance’s ex if she unexpectedly showed up at the ceremony:

6. And when you tell her the menu is entirely vegetarian, she’s pumped.

7. She’d give it a good honest try during the bride/groom trivia hour…

8. …and would basically think your wedding was the coolest.

9. She’d be down to join your bridesmaids for the wedding after party.

10. Those obnoxious guests of yours? J-Law will give them a piece of her mind.

11. You go, Jen. Way to be a great wedding guest.

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