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    The 5 Emotions You Experience When Planning Your Wedding

    Hint: they resemble the 5 stages of grief.

    1. The first stage of wedding planning is denial

    You start planning your wedding, and think to yourself: “Of course I’m totally fine with the tie my fiance picked for his groomsmen.”

    “I’ll definitely have enough time to make these 5 DIY projects this week.”

    “I’m sure my future in-law didn’t mean it when she said she wanted to invite all her second cousins. Right?”

    2. Then, you just get angry.

    Because your bridesmaids can't stop f-ing complaining about the dresses you picked...

    A third of your invitations get lost in the mail...

    And generally, you want to give the world one of these.

    3. You start to bargain with anyone, about anything

    Your wedding vendor's prices? Not so cool anymore.

    Every time you look at your wedding budget spreadsheet, you're like:

    You generally are very sad about your wedding finances.

    4. Wedding planning depression hits

    Meanwhile, your fiance is like:

    5. You finally accept your wedding, just the way it is

    Because it's going to be perfect, no matter what.

    So you go, girl. Plan that dream wedding. It might be hard, but gosh darn it: you’re getting married!

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