10 Signs You’ve Gone Full-On Bridezilla

Your bridesmaids are probably planning an intervention right now.

1. When your fiance suggests cutting the wedding budget to save for a new car, you’re like:

2. Your bridesmaids don’t complain about the mandatory stilettos anymore. You put the kabosh on that.

3. When people ask your wedding planner how they can help, she says:

4. Meanwhile, you’re just like:

5. When your family walks in the room and you’re in wedding planning mode, they know what to do.

6. There’s just not enough time to catch up with your non-engaged friends anymore.

7. Everything becomes a competition with your other engaged friends. And you always win.

8. Your future mother-in-law starts looking at you like this. But you don’t really care.

9. When friends tell you to be happier and stop stressing about your wedding, you’re like:

10. Generally, this.

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