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21 Things You'll Find At An Enormous Craft Fair

The 2013 Craft & Hobby Association Winter Conference & Trade Show is a huge symposium of the latest in crafts, including mustache masks and a crackle-glazed skull.

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1. Reminders Of Mortality

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Skull coated with Kroma Industries Kroma Crackle. / Via

Total admiration for this paper-crafted skull. It's covered with a (previously best-kept artist's secret) crackle medium made by indie paint company Kroma Industries, located on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC. You can crackle on paper, wood, cloth... and once dry, it's flexible!

2. Mustache Masks

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Party favor die-cuts by Accucut. / Via

Selections from a new party favor die-cut set to jazz up your next big shindig. Pick the paper that coordinates with your overall event concept, cut pieces out, tape to a longish lollipop stick, and boom. Photo ops abound.

3. An IRL Pinboard

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Booth staging by Canvas Corp. / Via

Canvas and clothespins kept cropping up in the show floor styling. These black hang tags have a cute, slightly Seussical rhyming quality to them. A whimsical, DIY-friendly and easily customizable project.

4. Tiny Prefab Houses

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Craft houses from Melissa Frances Co. / Via

If only all housing was this reasonably-priced. Here's some chipboard homes that come in large, medium and small sizes. Customize them with paint, ink or paper, then dust with mica minerals or glass glitter for vintage sparkle.


5. A Barn Full of Crafts

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Booth staging by Farm House Paper Co. / Via

Some companies can't help but be overachievers with a clear vision of their product line. This one went all-out with a barn-themed display.

6. So Many Clothespins

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Booth staging by Canvas Corp. / Via

For extreme small space solutions, this DIY wooden clip board visually organizes your style swatches/photos/etc. while making them easily accessible.

7. DIY Wedding Decor

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Booth staging by Canvas Corp. / Via

True story: earlier this week I lost out on seven free, just-unpacked wooden wine crates at Costco. A would-be groom beat me to the punch by seconds, literally. If that guy is helping his fiancée upcycle for the big day, he'd probably be okay with this set-up.


10. And Small-Space Solutions

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Booth staging by Canvas Corp. / Via

Not practical for large projects, but if you happen to stitch accessories and ever see a damaged table on the curb, you now know what to do. Bonus chic genius: the awning that disguises task lighting.

11. Upscale Paint Chips

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Sample board by Ranger Ink. / Via

Why not transform common types of company information into something unexpectedly picturesque? Sample boards in the creative fields have no business being boring!

12. Plenty of Hemp (the Crafting Kind)

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Products by Hemptique. / Via

Due to current regulation, it is illegal to grow hemp in the United States. But that hasn't stopped it from being a going concern in crafting and paper circles. It has great texture and weight, and this imported product is both stronger and more eco-friendly to produce than bamboo.


13. Sparkly Coloring Books

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Kuretake Zig Wink of Stella glitter marker. / Via

When color with glitter is the order of the day, these Wink of Stella markers feature both smooth flow and shimmer. The water-based pigment ink is photo-safe, acid free and lightfast.

14. Beautiful Papers

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Certain products available at Paper Source. / Via

The patterns for these posh Nepalese parchments cater to artisans of every stripe, whether you watch Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Girls — or maybe you don't even own a TV because you're knee-deep in your own creativity. At any rate, pure luxe.

15. Updated Doilies

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Booth styling by Maggie Holmes. / Via

Bunting is pretty much inescapable in paper crafts, from home decor to scrapbooking and cards. Here's a contemporary use for doilies that livens them up and curtails their formality.

16. Warm Knits

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Garment sample from Premier Yarns. / Via

The cool blue hues of this knitted cabled outfit are covet-worthy. Such stylish winter attire almost makes the weather bearable.


17. And Not-So-Warm Knits

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Garment sample from Premier Yarns. / Via

Let's give some props for the skill required to construct this darted cocktail dress ensemble, complete with necklace and clutch. Respect!

18. Colorful Couch Pillows

Photography By Stephanie Garrison. Crochet display by Spinrite Yarns. / Via

Clean lines, bright colors, comfortable cotton yarn — needle arts like crochet are great way to add the element of the hand-made to your living space. This combination of pillows, throws and artwork manages to be cohesive yet not excessively matched.

19. Wall Art Celebrating Nature

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Fiber artwork by HandBEHG Felts. / Via

Super cute. Altogether appropriate for the well-appointed children's room or craft retreat. What a clever way to use up scraps that are lying around, awaiting transformation.

21. Plenty of DIY Love

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Display by Webster's Pages. / Via

Too much awesome in this booth display, from the stacked Polaroid cameras to the

heart-shaped illuminated sign that is certainly bidding war-worthy to procure. This shot reflects the general aesthetic spirit that permeated the entire CHA show.