Things That Are Trendy Now But That We’ll Regret In The Future

We’ll look back and realize how ugly these trends were.

1. The “Californian” Look.

You may probably think this looks nice, but what I think is “How long have you been growing your roots? You seriously need to dye your hair!”.

2. Golden Accesories.

A few years ago, gold was either tacky or for old ladies and now everything is golden. Can we please go back to silver like it should be?

3. Neon Clothing.

Are we back in the 80’s???

4. Mini Skirts That Are Way Too Mini.

If I had a teenage daughter, I’d ask her to actually put on some clothes. Yes, I may sound old fashioned but a little shorter and you can see some girls’ throats. I’m lost. I don’t know when did dressing like a whore become cool.

5. Geometric Prints.

Is this cute? ‘Cause recently I’ve been seeing things like this all over and to be honest, I hate it.

6. Black & White Stiped Pants.

I admit it, the first time I saw a friend wearing them I thought they were cute, in a Tim Burton - Beetlejuice kinda way. But now that everybody has a pair, and I mean everybody… not so cute anymore…

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