The Official Top 22 Hottest Mexican Guys

Yeah, most of them are soap opera actors, but who cares?

22. Eduardo Yañez

He’s hot enough if you’re into your gardener, your driver or your body guard. He usually plays those parts anyway.

21. Eugenio Derbez

I swear that he’s hotter in person. He’s one of Mexico’s best comediants and if he’s not good looking enough, at least he’ll make you laugh for sure. Curious fact: He dubbed the voice of Dunkey in “Shrek” and I think it’s funnier in Spanish.

20. Alejandro “El Negro” González Iñárritu

This is one of Mexico’s best film makers. You may know some of his movies: “21 grams”, “Babel”, just to name a few. Maybe he’s not that good looking but there’s defenetely something about him (besides his talent).

19. Rafa Márquez

Former Barcelona’s soccer player and hot enough to advertise Gillette.

18. Alejandro Fernández

If you’re into the mariachi kind of music / lifestyle than this guy’s for you. I’m not and I still find him attractive. Good singer too. Oh, and he also advertises coffee.

17. Ferdinando Valencia

He usually plays the bad guy in soap operas, but look at those eyes.

16. Sebastián Ligarde

He always plays the villain in soap operas. Too bad for us girls since he just came out of the closet.

15. Humberto Zurita

Yeah, he was hotter a few years ago, but he’s still got it! (In case you were wondering, he’s an actor)

14. Sebastián Zurita

Like father like son. Look at that babyface! Although he looks more like his mother (Christian Bach, actress, and he is yes, an actor too).

13. Jorge Salinas

Another actor whose… *looks for the right word*… package was seen in the movie “Sexo, pudor y lágrimas” and made a few of us swoon.

12. Gabriel Soto

Another soap opera hottie. Difference is, he usually plays the hero. Curious fact: He came from a boy band.

11. Leonardo García

Another soap opera actor. Rumor has it he’s not very nice in person.

10. Mark Tacher

Sometimes he plays the good guy, sometimes he plays the bad guy. Truth is, he’s yummy. My sister knows him in person and according to her, he’s nice :-)

9. Gael García

Yeah, he started in the soap opera business when he was little but now he’s in the film industry and has worked with very important directors, is himself a film maker, and is very likely to bump into him at film festivals. Such a hottie that even Natalie Portman dated him.

8. Valentino Lanus

I think I’ve always seen him playing the good guy, and with reason. He’s not only better looking in person but he’s down to Earth and really nice. He’d talk to you and get pictures taken with his fans. He also advertises Fisher Price and Downy.

7. Mauricio Islas

I remember having a crush on him when I was about 12 and he’s still in soap operas. I mean, look at those eyes!

6. Juan Diego Covarrubias

Not only cute but talented. He has played the preppy guy you can’t stand, the heartthrob and the cynical villain-murderer. I like the second one :-)

5. Erick Elias

Also came from a boy band and has played the heartthrob and the villain. A friend from school used to know him and back then she said he was very nice.

4. José Ron

*swoons* From soap operas to reality shows. He’s just… *swoons*…

3. Carlos Ferro

He’s currently playing a smart psychiatrist who has no clue about love in a comedic soap opera which makes him look so helplessly cute.

2. David Zepeda

You hate him when he’s a villain, you adore him when he’s the hero. SO HOT!!! Darling, just don’t sing, ok?

1. Leonardo de Lozanne

THE ROCKSTAR!! Look at those sad eyes and that dimple! So cute. And believe it or not, he’s a rockstar and very hot on stage. He hosts a TV show where he seems shy, and now owns his brand of clothing for the gentlemen like him. A curious fact: He dubbed the voice of Carlos in “Hop”.

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