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6 Best Places To Eat In Mexico City

If you think that Mexico City can only offer tacos and guacamole, you must visit at least one of these places. I guarantee you'll love them too.

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1. Biko

This is a "gachupa" cuisine restaurant. You're wondering what gachupa is. Well, it's the fusion between vasque and mexican. And you're probably still wondering what kind of food it is. I cannot make it simple because it's not but I'll describe it just as unique, creative, unexpected and wonderful.

Yes, it's expensive but totally worth it. For first timers I recommend the tasting menu.

- Foie Gras with Cotton Candy.

- Quail with Gazpacho.

- Crab filled Piquillo Peppers.

Address: Masaryk 407, Polanco.

2. Sir Winston Churchill's

You think English food is just fish & chips? Wrong! This place not only is beautiful but it also serves the most delicious prime roast beef with Yorkshire pudding.

Yes, it's also expensive but you'll be treated like royalty and the food is worth it.

Address: Blvd. Manuel Ávila Camacho 67, Polanco.

3. Zhen Shanghai

This is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Mexico City. It's fancy and the service is excellent.

Expensive? Yes. But again, it's worth it.

- Pork BBQ steamed buns.

- Pineapple filled with fried rice with chicken and pineapple.

- Shrimps with mango.

The only bad thing about this place is the desserts.

Address: Campos Elíseos 218, Polanco (inside Presidente InterContinental Hotel).

4. Dulcinea

This is a very small and cozy place in the heart of Polanco. It is mexican food, but with a modern gourmet twist. And I promise that whatever you order, it will be great.

Expensive? Not this one!

Choosing only 3 dishes was really hard since, I repeat, everything on the menu is just great. Plus, their breakfasts are also a must.

- Amaranth crusted shrimp tacos with mango - passion fruit - habanero salsa.

- Zuchinni Flower Pasta.

- Apple with Mascarpone and Dulce de Leche crepes.

Address: Oscar Wilde 29, Polanco. / Samara, Santa Fe.

5. Carolo

They have a small menu of international cuisine, but the food is great and the service couldn't be better.

Expensive? Somewhat.

- Spinach salad with maple dressing.

- Artichoke risotto.

- Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Address: Paseo Interlomas / Plaza Carso.

6. Rojo Bistrot

Last but not least, this little bistrot is a jewel. The service is tops and the french food is terrific.

Expensive? Not really.

- Lentil soup.

- Duck magret with cherry sauce and mashed potatoes.

- Creme brulee.

Address: Amsterdam 71, Condesa.

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