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13 Things Mexico Needs

I remember ages ago when we didn't even have a Starbucks. We've lost some along the way and now that we almost have it all, there's a few we still lack and would be awesome to have.

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1. Arby's.

We had Arby's when I was little but it's been gone for more than a decade. I loved it back then and now as an adult I'd trade any hamburguer for a roast beef sandwich. I think this is the best fast food chain.

7. Orange Julius.

About 12 years ago someone decided to open one with a Dairy Queen right in the middle of a suburban residential avenue. I wonder why the Dairy Queens at the malls worked out but Orange Julius didn't... If only they'd bring it back in a right location, like a mall, for instance... Was that so hard to imagine back then?

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