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    • stephanief13

      She messed up get over it!! Everybody messes up, I don’t care who the hell you are or how rich you are, people will make (Mistakes) I have dealt with racism growing up to being half Japanese on my mothers side and Jewish on my fathers side I have heard all kinds of racism towards me from the bombing of pearl harbor and people being mean to me to just plain racism .. People can be cruel but I got over it and yes some of those people apologized and they weren’t famous or on tv but they apologized and I accepted it. If you can’t learn to accept that some people make mistakes or you can’t accept their apology than how do you expect people not to judge you or God forbid you ever make a mistake!! and Yes I do think she was wrong for using such language but damn she is only human and I rather her attempt to say sorry than not try at all. Some of you judgmental people that have nothing to say nice and that don’t accept her apology that’s your problem than and I can only assume that you all are the most perfect people in the WORLD that never hurt anyone’s feelings or said anything stupid or mean that they wish they never said or disrespected anybody unintentionally or judged them without hate!!

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