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    18 Gorgeous Study Notes That Should Be Framed As Art

    I think I'm obsessed.

    1. Okay, take a calming breath.

    2. Ohmygoddddddd.

    3. Why are these notes prettier than me?

    4. If my handwriting looked like this, I'd never stop writing.

    5. K, this is actual art.

    6. *heartbeat intensifies*

    7. I can't even. Like. Wow.

    8. Who knew a spine could be aesthetic?

    9. HOW???

    10. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

    11. These are so much more than doodles.

    12. My history notes don't look half as pretty.

    13. Yes, I might actually learn something with notes like these.

    14. There are few things better than really cute plant drawings.

    15. Little diagrams are cute.

    16. Look at that washi tape game.

    17. *tears up a little*

    18. Um... I think I'm in love.

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