Upgrade A Small Porch With These Easy Pallet Benches

    Saw, sand, stain and sit.

    Tiny porch got you down?

    We've got a solution! Grab some pallets from the trash or a salvage store and get to work! Here's how:


    * Pallet

    * Jigsaw

    * Wood stain or paint

    * Sander or sandpaper

    * 4 furniture legs

    * 4 top plates

    * Foam

    * Wood or MDF board

    * Outdoor fabric

    * Staple gun

    * Wood glue


    # Cut pallet in half.

    # Sand both halves until smooth.

    # Stain or paint the pallets.

    # Stack the pallets on top of each other.

    # Flip the bottom pallet upside down.

    # Attach furniture legs to each corner, then flip back over.

    # Place a piece of wood or MDF board on top of the bench, making sure it is the same dimensions as the pallet.

    # Place a piece of foam (about 2 or 3 inches thick and measuring the same dimensions as the pallet and the wood) on top of the wood.

    # Lay your outdoor fabric over the foam.

    # Wrap the fabric around the foam and the wood, then staple the fabric to the underside of the wood.

    # Stick the cushion to the pallets using wood glue.

    # Once dry, decorate with pillows and enjoy!

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