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    How To DIY A Cozy Headboard That Only Looks Expensive

    You will have a harder time building your Lack side table.


    * Peg board (dimensions vary depending on bed and desired size)

    * 2-inch foam (same dimensions as peg board)

    * Foam batting (same dimensions as peg board PLUS about 8 inches allowance)

    * Fabric of choice (same dimensions as foam batting)

    * Extra strong upholstery thread

    * Fabric-covered buttons

    * Standard four-hole buttons

    * 6 inch upholstery needle

    * Staple gun

    * 2 picture frame hangers/fasteners

    * 2 1-inch screws

    * 2 2-inch nails

    1. Measure out a peg board to fit the width of your bed.

    2. Mark the center hole.

    3. Mark the fourth hole from the center hole on each side. From there, mark every eighth hole.

    4. Draw diagonal lines between the marked holes.

    5. Place the peg board on top of the foam. Poke an exacto knife through the hole into the foam.

    6. Attach the foam to the peg board with spray adhesive. Make sure the holes line up by gently poking your exacto knife through. If it hits foam, reposition the board.

    7. Lay the board across two elevated surfaces (a pair of chairs will do if you don't have anything higher). Attach the batting to the foam with your spray adhesive.

    8. Lay the fabric evenly across the foam batting. Then, poke a needle through a marked hole, and pull it through the front of the board. Thread the needle through your fabric button.

    9. Pull the needle through the same hole back to the peg board side. Pull the thread tight so that the button tufts or cinches the fabric.

    10. Cut off the needle and thread the two strings through the holes of a button and tie tightly.

    11. Pull the foam batting taut around the board and staple in place. Do the same to the fabric.

    12. Drill two holes in the corners of the top of your headboard. Use these holes to screw in hooks.

    13. Measure the distance between the hooks and hammer nails into the wall at a corresponding distance. Hang the bed.

    Watch the video here to see it in action.

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