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    • stephaniec43

      Once I was staying at my parent’s house while they went out of town and my dad had just finished cleaning their guest room. I spent most of the day passing by the room and couldn’t help but notice how cozy everything looked with the stuffed animals piled high on top of all the pillows on the bed.  Later that night, I’d come home from an evening out and fallen asleep on their couch. Around one am, I woke up abruptly bc I got this sick feeling in my stomach and this thought in my head, “go to the guest room, get off the couch. You should not be on the couch.” So I did get up. I went to the guest room and snuggled underneath all the pillows and stuffed animals. Around four am, I heard someone rustling around in the bathroom down the hall. Resisting the urge to call out for my dad, and see if it was him arriving home early, I decided to just text (my phone was in the bed with me) when I got no response, I continued to listen…then I heard voices.
      I proceeded to lay in the bed underneath the stuffed animals while my family home was robbed for three hours. I heard the entire thing. At one point, one of the men even came in the room where I was, turned on the light, and just stared at the bed I was sleeping in. I don’t know if it was because I was concealed under all the stuffed animals and pillows or if it was God’s grace but he didn’t come near me. I waited until I heard them leave to go pack the car and then I texted a friend to call 911. If I had never had the feeling to get up and go to the guest bed, this would probably be a different story.

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