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19 Game Of Thrones Tumblr Edits That Will Give You All The Feels

All men must feel. *spoilers if you have not finished season six*

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1. These proud Stark banners in Winterfell again:

HBO / Via


2. This girl power edit featuring powerful women of Westeros:

HBO / Via

Who run the world? GIRLS!

3. Speaking of girl power, this edit of Sansa's journey:

HBO / Via

Here for it.

4. This callback to Ser Davos' relationship with precious bb Shireen:

HBO / Via

Still sobbing, tbh.

5. These beautifully similar shots:

HBO / Via

Dat symmetry tho.

6. This stirring reflection on a fan favorite:

HBO / Via


7. This set showing how far Daenerys has come:

HBO / Via

Yaaaas, Queen.

8. This collection featuring The Kings in the North:

HBO / Via

Jon always wanted to be like Robb. *tears*

9. These heartwarming displays from Lyanna:

HBO / Via

A moment everyone waited six seasons for.

10. This sad parallel:

HBO / Via


11. This reminder of the tragedy of Margaery's death:

HBO / Via

And a sweet callback to Ned Stark's thoughts about his sister, Lyanna.

12. This sibling rivalry that never got a chance to heal:

HBO / Via

Hopefully more Stark reunions are coming.

13. This dramatic nod to Cersei's unchanging ideals:

HBO / Via


14. This compelling edit referencing great things to come:

HBO / Via

❤ ❤ ❤

15. This homage to brotherly love:

HBO / Via

Praying to the old gods and the new that Arya reunites with her remaining brothers.

16. And this one:

HBO / Via


17. And this (very sad) one:

HBO / Via


18. Okay, just one more:

HBO / Via

They are all brave!

19. And finally, this tribute to House Stark:

HBO / Via


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