14 Times Roger Sterling Was The Best Part Of "Mad Men"

    "Oh, sad meeting."

    1. When he was blunt about art:

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    2. When he was realistic:

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    3. When he kept things light:

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    4. When he stayed true to his nature:

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    5. His entire rivalry with Pete:

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    6. Including this:

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    7. His blatant animosity for Harry...

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    8. ...which was always evident:

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    9. When he knew how to greet people:

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    10. When he kept himself entertained:

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    11. When he gave Peggy the praise she deserved:

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    12. When he really knew how to connect with people:

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    13. When he had his priorities straight:

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    14. When he took the temperature of the room:

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    We miss you, Roger!

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