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    I Ranked The "Zoey 101" Characters From Worst To Best, And You Can't Change My Mind

    Are you ready?

    Zoey 101 is easily one of the most iconic Nick shows of the early 2000s.

    Today, I'd like to dive deeper into the world of Zoey 101 and rank all of the main characters from best to worst. Without further ado, here's where everyone stands:

    10. James

    James clutches a backpack strap and looks back at Zoey

    9. Dana

    Dana sitting at a table outside

    8. Dustin

    7. Zoey

    6. Nicole

    Nicole with a hand on her hip

    5. Lola

    4. Logan

    Logan sits at a lunch table and furrows his brows in concern

    3. Quinn

    Quinn holds a chip in her hand and squints

    2. Michael

    1. Chase

    Chase smiles wide

    Well, you heard it here first! How would you rank the Zoey 101 characters? Feel free to sound off in the comments!