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    I Ranked The "Zoey 101" Characters From Worst To Best, And You Can't Change My Mind

    Are you ready?

    Zoey 101 is easily one of the most iconic Nick shows of the early 2000s.


    It also has one of the best theme songs, obviously.

    Today, I'd like to dive deeper into the world of Zoey 101 and rank all of the main characters from best to worst. Without further ado, here's where everyone stands:


    10. James

    James clutches a backpack strap and looks back at Zoey

    Ok, I loved Austin Butler on The Carrie Diaries, but there was no need for him on the show. His character was just brought on to distract us from the fact that Chase wasn't there. He was also only in, like, nine episodes.

    9. Dana

    Dana sitting at a table outside

    Just like James, Dana wasn't on the show long enough for me to actually have a strong opinion about her. She honestly was mean for no reason, but she has points over James because she was one of the original cast members.

    8. Dustin


    Listen, Dustin did not add anything to this show. He was just the annoying little brother. He wasn't in a ton of episodes, and there's a reason he had, like, four plotlines over the entirety of the show.

    7. Zoey


    It's probably pretty unpopular to rank Zoey so low when it is, you know, HER show. I just think the other characters are much more interesting. Zoey, for me, is just another unlikeable titular character. I find her very snarky and annoying. I don't know if anyone else agrees with me, though. Also, how did she not realize Chase loved her?!

    6. Nicole

    Nicole with a hand on her hip

    I was so upset when Nicole left the show. She was so funny, and I loved her bubbly, boy-obsessed personality. She was honestly relatable!

    5. Lola


    I'm so glad that they replaced Dana with Victoria Justice because if she wasn't on Zoey 101, we might not have ever gotten Victorious. Lola was fashionable, sassy, and real with everyone. She added so much more to the show than Dana.

    4. Logan

    Logan sits at a lunch table and furrows his brows in concern

    This is also probably really unpopular, but I think the show would have been missing a lot if Logan wasn't on it. Yes, he was the original rich fuckboy, but he was hysterical and one of the only characters who could actually talk back to Zoey. Also, his character development was amazing. His relationship with Quinn was the best part of the final season.

    3. Quinn

    Quinn holds a chip in her hand and squints

    Yes, it was awful that Quinn was the stereotypical "science nerd" throughout the seasons, but she's 100% the best girl on this show. She was weird and wacky, but that's exactly why she's so lovable.

    2. Michael


    Michael is SO close to being my number one. He's the funniest character and the king of drippin'. The boys of Zoey 101 were by far the best part, and I would live for a spin-off with just Michael, Chase, and Logan. I just wish Michael got more major plotlines.

    1. Chase

    Chase smiles wide

    Who else could take the top spot but the completely lovable, clumsy, bushy- haired Chase?! I would absolutely love for a guy to be in love with me the way Chase was with Zoey. The show really was not the same when he went to England.

    Well, you heard it here first! How would you rank the Zoey 101 characters? Feel free to sound off in the comments!