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    The ABCs Of Guy Fieri

    "Guy Fieri here, and we're rolling out!"

    A is for "All Star" by Smash Mouth

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    Guy and the lead singer are basically BFFs, and they're also the same person.

    B is for Bleach

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    Guy wouldn't be Guy without his signature locks!

    C is for Cookware

    Soo kewl to see my cookware at @walmart!

    All your meals will be from Flavor Town when you cook with Guy's cookware!

    D is for Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives


    There would be no Guy Fieri without Triple D!

    His fame started when he won The Next Food Network Star competition in 2006, landing his first show, Guy's Big Bite, but Triple D is where we were able to see Guy in all of his glory.

    E is for Eating in Reverse

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    There is nothing quite as entertaining as watching the man himself take food out of his mouth and put it back on a plate.

    F is for Flavor Town

    Food Network / Via

    You go to Flavor Town whenever the food you're eating is really, really good. Most of the time, you take the bus to Flavor Town, but if you're lucky, you can get there by rocket ship.

    G is for Goatee


    The perfect form of facial hair to compliment his bleach-blonde locks.

    H is for "Holy moley!"


    One of Guy's many catchphrases!

    I is for Inhaling Food

    Chewing wastes too much time.

    J is for Jewelry

    Food Network

    Before he heads out for the day, Guy has to put on all his rings, his dynamite watch, bracelet, gold chains, and earrings! It's not easy being beautiful.

    K is for "Killing Me Softly"

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    For some reason, people like to put the song "Killing Me Softly" as the background when Guy is eating. It's also in slow motion, so watch with caution.

    L is for Last Name

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    Did you know that Fieri isn't really Guy's last name? It's actually Ferry!

    M is for Bobby Moynihan

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    The best Guy parody around.

    N is for Noodles

    Only Guy knows the correct way to eat them.

    O is for "Off the hook!"

    Andrew Kelly / Via

    To Guy, everything he eats is "Off the hook!" Plus, he had a show called Guy Off the Hook that began and ended in 2008.

    P is for Pellegrino

    Food Network

    Nothing's better than a refreshing drink after a long trip to Flavor Town!

    Q is for Quite Hungry

    Food Network

    Because Guy is always just that.

    R is for Red Convertible

    Food Network / Via

    It wouldn't be Triple D without Guy driving in his Camaro.

    S is for Sunglasses

    Harry How / Getty Images

    Because, obviously.

    T is for Trash Can Nachos

    Getty Images / Via

    Just dump your favorite nacho fixings in a trash can, and then you'll have trash can nachos. BOOM.

    U is for Upside Down Pellegrino

    Food Network

    Guy is thirsty AF, amirite?

    V is for Video Game


    This might be your only chance to ever interact with Guy! You can order it here.

    W is for Weddings


    At the annual South Beach Wine & Food Festival this past February, Guy officiated the 101 Gay Weddings Event.

    X is for eXtreme Eating

    Using utensils is too mainstream for Guy.

    Y is for "You put that in a flip-flop..."

    Another way to say, "That's tasty!" or, "Delicious!"

    Z is for (z)Matthew McConaughey

    Matthew made a special appearance on Triple D when the show was just starting out.

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