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Top 5 Books For Moms With Older Kids

Motherhood is never ending. Sure, things change over the years but you'll always take care of your children, even when it feels like they don't need you anymore (trust me, they do). The 5 inspiring reads below offer moms with older kids insight and guidance on how to handle the good times and the hard times.

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It Never Ends by Sandra Butler and Nan Fink Gefen

Motherhood is forever. Butler and Gefen use the voices of women between 65 and 85 to reveal how the relationship between mother and daughter changes with age. It Never Ends is a real and insightful book that will guide women through the challenges and rewards of raising adult children.

Becoming MomStrong by Heidi St. John

Heidi St. John is the mother of seven children ranging from kindergarten to adulthood. St. John describes how the strength she has gained from faith has helped her make the best decisions for her children. This inspiring read will make any mom at any age MomStrong.

Risking It All by Nina Darnton

This novel tells the story of Marcia and her desire to be a mother. After failing to become pregnant, Marcia sees surrogacy as her only option. After the couple decides to go through a surrogate, a tragedy occurs, changing their lives forever. Risking it All will remind mothers of how lucky they are to be called Mom.

Why Motherhood Matters by September McCarthy

Everyone knows motherhood isn't easy and sometimes a little guidance can go a long way. Why Motherhood Matters delves into the struggles of being a mom and offers insight on how to navigate through any type of mom-related situation. This book is perfect for women at any stage of motherhood.

Loving Lindsey by Linda Atwell

This inspiring memoir follows Linda Atwell's complicated relationship with her daughter Lindsey, who is a high-functioning young adult with intellectual disabilities. Entering adulthood, Lindsey becomes more independent and starts drifting away from her family. Loving Lindsey is the story of a mother who never gave up on her daughter and it will remind other mothers to do the same.

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