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Inspirational Memoirs For Moms

You may not get time to relax after working, running around town, cooking dinner and trying to please everybody all week, but it's important to make time for your soul. With that said, make sure to pick up and read the 5 books listed below. These 5 inspirational memoirs will remind you of how lucky you are to be a mom and of the impact you have on your children's lives. Motherhood might not be easy, but it's definitely worthwhile.

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Motherhood Reimagined by Sarah Kowalski

Not every woman's path to motherhood goes the way she envisioned, but Sarah Kowalski is helping women find their way in this debut memoir. Single Kowalski wants nothing more to be a mom so she decides to use a sperm donor — only to find out she'd infertile. Mother Reimagined follows a woman's journey to accepting her inability to conceive and embracing an unexpected path to motherhood.

Gorilla and the Bird by Zack McDermott

Zack McDermott tries to rebuild a stable life after suffering a bipolar manic episode in Manhattan. McDermott goes home to Kansas, where he is met by his loving mother, Bird who has never given up on her son. Gorilla and the Bird's eye-opening story will remind moms the power of their love.

It's Messy: On Boys, Boobs, and Badass Women by Amanda de Cadenet

In this collection of essays, Amanda de Cadenet talks about topics every woman knows but might be uncomfortable discussing. From motherhood to sex, this memoir covers it all. It's Messy follows Cadenet's inspiring journey of being a teen mom, divorcing her famous musician husband and overcoming sexism in the industry.

The Mother I Imagined, The Mom I Knew by Paul Alan Fahey

There are certain traits we've taken from our own mothers and others we've purposefully left behind. The Mother I Imagined, The Mom I Knew tells the story of a son and his loving yet frustrating relationship with his mom. Told in a mix of memoir, poetry and short fiction, this book will remind women of the good (and crazy) times they've spent with their own mothers.

Good Night, I Love You by Jené Ray Barranco

Single motherhood is a choice for some, and the result of tragedy for others. Jené Ray Barranco shares how she found strength to carry on and mother her three teens after her husband's unexpected death. Writing helped Barranco grieve and turn her pain into purpose. Good Night, I Love You, is a touching read for any mother who has experienced loss.

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