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5 YA Reads Fans Of Riverdale Will Devour

Riverdale is back, and season two is even more intense than the first. The suspenseful and heart-pounding trials of Archie and his friends continue, and we can’t look away. If you can’t get enough of Riverdale’s drama, then you need to check out these five reads. Full of romance, suspense, high school drama and a touch of murder, these books will satisfy all of your Riverdale cravings!

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I Like You Like This by Heather Cumiskey

16-year-old Hannah Zandana is determined to spice up her life. While her plan to impress the popular girls backfires, she succeeds in getting the attention of Deacon, the handsome and mysterious drug dealer. Has Hannah finally found the life she wanted, or will she end up feeling more trapped than she started? A poignant coming-of-age read full of heart-pounding drama and a swoon-worthy romance, I Like You Like This is guaranteed to captivate readers from beginning to end. Think Riverdale, but set in the 80s.

There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

After moving from Hawaii to Nebraska, Makani Young adjusts to life with her grandma in a small town. Makani is haunted by her memories of Hawaii, but those are soon replaced by a new horror: her classmates are being gruesomely murdered by a mysterious killer. As the threat moves closer to Makani, she must confront her own secrets in this heart-stopping take on a teen slasher that perfectly equals the murder and intrigue of Riverdale.

Fragments of the Lost by Megan Miranda

Jessa Whitworth can’t let go of the memories of her ex-boyfriend, Caleb—especially since his mother blames her for the accident that killed him. Jessa goes to Caleb’s room to pack up his things, but what she finds is enough to make her reevaluate their entire relationship. As she seeks to uncover the truth behind his death, Jessa is left to wonder whether she ever knew Caleb at all.

Follow Me by Sara Shepard

Seneca, Maddox, Aerin and Madison are a crew to rival the iconic team of Archie, Betty, Jughead and Veronica. When 21-year-old Chelsea Dawson disappears without a trace, the team steps in. Noticing that Chelsea looks exactly like Aerin’s sister who was killed five years earlier, Seneca is convinced she knows the identity of the killer-kidnapper. It’s no surprise, then, when she accepts an invitation to the Shore from none other than their prime suspect. A suspenseful page-turner, you don't want to miss Sara Shepard's latest.

This is Our Story by Ashely Elston

Five boys went hunting at River Point. One boy was shot, and now all four are suspects. Though this is the biggest case the small town of Belle Terre has ever seen, the District Attorney wants it swept under the rug. So, Kate Marino—the high school intern at the DA’s office—decides to investigate. With the help of Stone, an aging prosecutor, Kate claims the case, taking matters into her own hands. But can she discover the boys’ secrets without exposing secrets of her own?

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