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5 YA Page-Turners You Must Read This Fall

Looking for an epic YA read that will leave you stunned in the best way possible? Look no further! These 5 twisty YA reads are guaranteed to have you turning the pages for each shocking conclusion.

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This is Not the End by Chandler Baker

Welcome to a world where developments in resurrection technology allow you to resurrect one person on your 18 birthday. Weeks before she turns 18, Lake Deveraux's best friend and boyfriend die in a tragic car accident, leaving her with an impossible decision. Who will she choose? This is Not the End is a thought-provoking page-turner with a twist that will leave you in awe. Brace yourself, because this is a one-sitting read!

Spellbook of the Lost and Found by Moïra Fowley-Doyle

The lives of a group of teenagers intertwine in ways no one ever thought possible in this new gripping read from the author of The Accident Season. Olive knows something is wrong with her best friend Rose, but she can't figure out what. With the help of three mysterious strangers, Olive discovers a spellbook with charms to help recover what has been lost. Could this be what she needs to help Rose, or will the spellbook lead them to terrors that were never supposed to be discovered?

Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart

How many times can someone reinvent themselves? That is the question that E. Lockhart explores in her latest psychological thriller. An unforgettable read, Genuine Fraud will leave you guessing until the very end, and then rereading immediately to pick up all of the clues you missed.

A Map for Wrecked Girls by Jessica Taylor

Emma has always admired Henri, her magnetic, queen bee of an older sister. Until something happens that destroys their relationship. Things only get worse when the sisters are shipwrecked, washing up on a deserted island. Their only companion is a troubled boy with secrets of his own. Will they ever be able to find their way home? A beautifully told story, A Map For Wrecked Girls marks Taylor as a debut author to watch.

When I Am Through with You by Stephanie Kuehn

All eyes are on Ben Gibson after a school camping trip turns deadly. Ben is perfectly willing and able to reveal what happened but is going to do so on his own time. Because after what happened, time is the one thing he has plenty of. Dark and gripping, When I Am Through With You will leave readers questioning everything they thought they believed when it comes to doing the right thing.

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