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5 Reads For Fans of Dani Shapiro

Do you ever feel like taking a break from your own life and jumping into someone else's? These five memoirs invite you in, letting you explore different perspectives, hardships and journeys. If you loved Dani Shapiro's memoir Devotion, you'll be moved by the lives of these five incredible women.

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I’m the One Who Got Away by Andrea Jarrell

Andrea Jarrell has spent her life trying to forget about the hardships of her past. But when a woman she knows is murdered, Andrea is forced to face the fact that her mother’s story has shaped her more than she ever thought it could. I’m the One Who Got Away is a beautifully written memoir about having the courage to love and be loved. Jarrell marks herself as a writer to-watch with this riveting debut.

The Sacred Willow: Four Generations in the Life of a Vietnamese Family by Duong Van Mai Elliott

In this captivating memoir, Duong Van Mai Elliott - a Pulitzer Prize finalist - recounts her family’s incredible journey and describes Vietnamese history. She starts with the hardships of her great-grandfather, who overcame poverty and became a landowner, and then transitions into her childhood in Vietnam. Telling tales of the French troops who burned her village and of the divide in Vietnamese families, Mai Elliott's story will humble readers.

Some Bright Morning, I'll Fly Away: A Memoir by Alice Anderson

This gripping psychological memoir will take you on an emotional journey. Alice Anderson returned home after Hurricane Katrina struck the Mississippi coastline, and nothing was like it used to be. Her home and her husband, Dr. Liam Rivers, both faced damages from the storm. One night, Liam snaps, attacking Alice at knifepoint and forcing her to flee with her children. What ensues is a battle for her children, as well as her own life.

To Siri with Love by Judith Newman

To Siri with Love celebrates that irreplaceable and unbreakable bond between mother and son—and robot. For Judith Newman life with Gus, her thirteen-year-old autistic son, has led her to experience the world in ways she never imagined. She must consider the feelings of unused school buses, acknowledge feet as “feeties” and understand that Siri can be so much more than just an automated assistant. In this heartwarming and eye-opening collection of stories, Newman provides not only a different way of seeing the world, but a new way of connecting with it.

Poetry Will Save Your Life by Jill Bialosky

In this unique coming-of-age memoir, Jill Bialosky collects her own life stories around poems she read at the time of each event. These poems become markers of friendship, love, and relationships, but also reminders of death, loss, and leaving home. Bialosky artfully weaves her stories together in a way that shows how certain words last long beyond the time they were written and their ability to take on a new meaning for every reader.

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