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5 Of January's Best Contemporary Women's Fiction Reads

Curl up on the couch and get ready to stay there. These reads will have you turning the pages long past your bedtime. Humor, romance and self-love, these stories have it all!

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All We Knew by Jamie Beck

If there is anything Hunter Cabot loves more than his international tea company, it is his wife, Sara. He fell for her almost immediately when they locked eyes in college, but now their marriage is in trouble. Hunter risks losing the two things he cares most about: his beloved wife and the business he works so hard to support. When their love is tested, will Hunter and Sara stop fighting long enough to come together and save their marriage?

And Then You Loved Me by Inglath Cooper

Becca Miller has always had her best interest in mind, even when she said goodbye to the love of her life 18 years ago with no regrets. But now Matt Griffith is back in Ballard County and her feelings have resurfaced. Unsure of her path now, she must decide if a second chance with the boy she used to love is worth the risk.

The Lost Art of Letter Writing by Menna Van Praag

In a little stationary shop in Cambridge, Clara Cohen helps people evoke their deepest feeling to correspondents dead, estranged or alive, in love letters. Clara knows the power that a letter can have in turning around a person's life, but she never expected to uncover a stash of wartime love letters. Now, she must start a profound journey of her own.

The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers

Roman Velasco is an LA artist who seems to have everything: money, women and immense fame. The only person who seems to notice how little he truly has is his new personal assistant, Grace Moore. Roman battles his own inner demons and Grace has some dark secrets from her past that are sure to complicate their relationship, but she is the only one who sees him for who he really is. But, when an unexpected twist is thrown their way their relationship and lives are sure to change forever.

Now That You Mention It by Kristan Higgins

Nora Stuart, a Boston medical student, had big hopes for her future, until she was suddenly hit by a car. Convinced she was dying, Nora overhears her boyfriend hit on another doctor, causing her carefully constructed life to fall apart. Injured in more ways than one, Nora retreats home to the little Maine community she left behind 15 years ago, but doesn't find the safe-haven she was expecting. Balancing loss and opportunity, her past and her future, Nora must make room to begin again.

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