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5 Historical Fiction Reads If You Love Jane Austen

These stories are perfect for fans of Jane Austen. Filled with intriguing historical settings, engaging characters, and hints of romance, these novels are going to transport you to another time.

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Midnight Crossing by Diane Shute

Shute's Midnight Trilogy returns with book two, Midnight Crossing. The novel picks up with Quentin and Alix returning home to France. After years of being exiled, Alix is torn between reclaiming her fortunes or following her dream to build her stable. This historical novel set in the1830s is filled with love, mystery, and secrets from each character's past that will captivate readers.

Lady Be Good by Amber Brock

This novel will sweep you into the world of a mischievous and status-obsessed daughter. Set in the 1950s, Kitty Tessler is the only child of a self-made hotel and nightclub owner, Nicolas Tessler. She envies her life as a socialite, but things start to change when she meets the member of a band. As she spends more time with him, we see a new side of the socialite.

The Silver Shoes by Jill G. Hall

This is a tale of two eras, showcasing two dynamic women from very different times. We first meet an artist, Anne McFarland who's distracted by a cross-country romance. Almost ninety years earlier, we learn of a debutante, Clair Deveraux. Clair becomes entangled in the world of burlesque in an effort to save her family during a tough time. The stories come together when the women attain true fulfillment, with the help of some silver shoes.

The Lost Family by Jenna Blum

This novel is a vivid portrayal of marriage, family, and grief following World War II. We meet Peter Rashkin, a survivor of Auschwitz who's now running his own restaurant in New York. Things move quickly as June Bouquet, an up-and-coming model shows up at the restaurant. She becomes pregnant and as Peter's history brings darkness, their lives begin to change.

Ike and Kay by James MacManus

Based on the scandalous true story of General Eisenhower's love affair during World War II, Ike and Kay sets the backdrop for an important time in history. The year is 1942 and Kay Summersby's life changes forever when she begins an affair with General Eisenhower. This historical novel brings to life controversial romances and characters that shaped world history during the twentieth century.

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