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5 Fall Must-Reads With Fierce Female Protagonists

For these female protagonists, fierceness appears in every part of their lives. They are physically strong, slaying dragons, protecting kingdoms, and saving the world—or, in some cases, worlds. But they also have mental fortitude, finding courage in the face of danger and always having the strength to be themselves. No matter the type of strength they have, these women all fight for the ideas they believe in and the people they love. Pick up a book, get inspired, and learn to be as fierce as these five female protagonists.

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The Rift Frequency by Amy S. Foster

As a teenage super-soldier, Ryn Whittaker is used to action. But even Ryn is unprepared for the chaos that comes with civil war—especially one that she started. In the midst of the fighting, Ezra, the rebel Ryn is falling in love with, is pushed through a Rift into a multiverse of alternate Earths. Now it’s up to Ryn to save not only herself, but to save Ezra, her Earth, and everyone on it. The Rift Frequency is as daring as it is romantic, filled with moments that will leave you wishing for a Rift of your own to join Ryn and Ezra’s Earth.

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika L. Sánchez

Julia’s sister, Olga, was always the perfect one. Which meant Julia didn’t have to be. Olga’s sudden death, though, leaves Julia to take on that role. As Julia deals with her loss, she learns about Olga’s past and discovers Olga might not have been as perfect as everyone thought. Julia must come to terms with her sister’s secrets, her family’s expectations, and, ultimately, her own identity.

Into the Bright Unknown by Rae Carson

After years of journeying, working, and struggling, Leah Westfall finally has everything she’s ever wanted—friends, love, and a place to call home, one filled with people who accept her magical powers. Her powers, too, are finally working in her favor. At the height of the California Gold Rush, her ability to sense gold couldn’t be more opportune. However, it also makes her a target. Leah finds herself up against a dangerous billionaire who threatens to take everything away. After striving for so long to get to where she is, though, Leah’s not giving up without a fight.

The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli

For Asha, daughter of the king of Firgaard, being fierce is just part of the job description. Literally—as the Iskari, Asha is required to be the fiercest and most feared dragon slayer in the land. Her destiny as a destroyer and death-bringer, though, leaves her feeling detached from the world. Only with the help of a secret friend, a slave boy from the household of the man she’s betrothed to, can Asha carve her own path, claim freedom, and learn the truth that has been kept from her.

The Dragon Rider by T.J. Weekes

For centuries, men—and men only—have been Dragon Riders, citizens sworn to protect the kingdom. But Abigail Stone can’t help the prophetic dream that keeps coming back to her, one where she serves and saves the land. When a rare dragon egg is stolen and the number of Dragon Riders falls, Abigail may just get her chance. Being the first and only woman Dragon Rider, though, means a life of terror, sacrifice, and, soon, betrayal from the person closest to her heart. Can Abigail save the kingdom, or will she only lead them to ruin?

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