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5 Books to Help You Understand Military Life

Unless you’ve gone through it yourself, it is hard to understand what it must be like for a military family when loved ones are deployed and sent many, many miles away. Take this Veteran’s Day to celebrate all the heroes in our military and learn a thing or two about what life is really like for the brave families whose loved ones risk their lives to protect our country.

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1. Army Wife by Vicki Cody

Thirty-three years of being an army wife has taught Vicki Cody many important lessons about raising a family and keeping a healthy marriage despite the distance and constant fear. By learning to embrace the lifestyle she has acquired, Cody’s Army Wife brings fellow military families a new way to look at their situation with brilliant honesty and hopeful humor.

2. Journey Through Deployment by Kathryn Sneed

Kathryn Sneed knows deployment is terrifying but she is determined to make sure families facing the departure know that this was the journey they were supposed to take. A book full of tips, encouraging words, stories and even a section for civilians to read about what military life is really like, this is the guide every military family needs during times of hardship.

3. Dinner with the Smileys by Sarah Smiley

For every week that her husband was deployed, Sarah Smiley invited a new guest to her home for dinner. From artists to professional athletes, the Smiley family had 250 special dinner guests to aid in the brilliant growth and development of their family. The power of community and love are prominent themes in this true story of sacrifice and kindness.

4. Deployed: The Survival Guide for Families at War

In a time of extended wartime, combat trauma and all-time high divorce rates, this counselor gives answers to all the tough questions military families may have and provides hope for success and happiness. From the first boot camp to the end of their last deployment, this survival guide will help those recover from the stresses and fears of multiple deployments.

5. Home and Away by Nancy French and David French

This dual perspective story of one family during war time is a new kind of military narrative written by a war veteran and his wife. Filled with stories from both David and Nancy during their time apart, Home and Away documents the realities of a family’s separation during the lengthy Iraq war and the ways in which life has changed since David has returned home.

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