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    19 Things Every MySpace User Will Remember

    Being taken out of someone's top 8 = the death of so many friendships.

    1. When you moved someone out of your top 8.


    2. When you got moved out out of someone's top 8.


    3. When someone only had a top 4.


    Oh I see how it is. How elitist.

    4. When someone had a top 12 or 16.


    We get it, you have a lot of friends.

    5. When Tom was in someone's top 8.


    Sorry, that's just sad.

    6. When you learned HTML specifically so you could code yourself a glam AF layout.

    The CW

    And you'd devote entire nights to reformatting the look of your page.

    7. When someone had thousands and thousands of friends.


    Remember when "MySpace famous" was a thing???

    8. When you had to wait for approval to write on someone's wall.


    9. ...and when they'd approve your post but not reply.


    Fine. Fine. That's fine. I SEE YOU ONLINE. But that's fine.

    10. When someone wrote a sad blog that spilled all the tea.


    11. When you'd see friends fighting on someone's page.


    12. ...and when you'd decide it was your business and get involved.

    Walt Disney

    13. When you opened someone's page and they had a loud song on autoplay.

    14. When someone changed their profile song to something totally emo.


    15. When you had 400 variations of the same profile pic.


    16. When you'd send your friends glitter blingees.



    17. When you spent way too long listing literally all your interests to ensure that there was an "accurate" (read: perfectly curated) depiction of your personality.


    Yes hello, I only listen to the coolest music and I only watch the coolest shows and movies and I'm definitely a very cool person yes that's me. Me to a T.

    18. When you MySpaced your friends in class and see them read it from across the classroom.

    19. And when your friends uploaded an album featuring all your weekend's poor life choices.

    Bravo Networks

    Sorry MySpace, it's time to move on xoxo.