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21 Things All '90s Aussie Girls Said While Shopping

"I need fluffy hair ties, a fluffy pen, and 100 butterfly clips."

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1. "Let's go to Sanity and listen to the top 10!"


2. "I can't afford all the CDs I want so I've been taping my favourite songs off Ugly Phil's Hot 30."

3. "I need fluffy hair ties like Britney."

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4. "I need a fluffy pen like Cher in Clueless."

5. "Cab 55 make the coolest handbags, seriously."


6. "Until I get a Cab 55 purse, at least I have this great mini-backpack to keep all my stuff in!"

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7. "I wish all my clothes were Tommy Hilfiger."

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8. "I asked Mum to get me Baby Doll for Christmas; let's go spray ourselves at Myer though."


9. "Let's go to Kleins and buy matching chokers."

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10. "Ooh, mood rings!"

11. "I really want one of those USA hoodies."

12. "I need a dress for the year 7 disco, let's go to Supré."

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13. "I want those platform sneakers like Baby Spice has."

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14. "I'm out of body glitter, can we go to Price Attack?"

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15. "Blue hair mascara is the best."

16. "Double denim is cool... like B*Witched. Let's go to Just Jeans."

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17. "Can we go to Target? I need to pre-order Titanic on video."

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18. "Let's go to the newsagent. There's a poster of Buffy and Angel in the new Big Hit that needs to be on my wall."

19. "Does this lipstick look like the one Joey's sister gave her on Dawson's this week?"

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20. "Let's go into the surf shop; I wanna buy a Roxy purse."


21. And "you can literally never have enough butterfly clips."

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