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18 Fantasies You Have When You're Broke With Expensive Taste

Money doesn't buy happiness?! GIVE ME SOME AND I WILL PROVE YOU WRONG.

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1. Going shopping with no concern for price tags.

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2. Owning all labels, all the time.

3. Having a separate room to store your shoe collection.

4. And drawers full of jewels.

5. Having a walk-in closet the size of Lisa Vanderpump's.

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6. Being able to afford a glam squad.

7. Having expensive luggage.


8. Traveling in first class.

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9. Having a driver.

10. Having a personal chef.

11. Being able to skip the seasons you don't enjoy.

12. Having a regular spa day set up.

13. Having an on-call masseuse.

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14. Having a holiday house in a glamorous location.

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15. Having all the latest gadgets as soon as they're released.

16. Always having perfectly manicured nails.

17. Furnishing your house with luxury furniture, fresh flowers, expensive art and fine china.


18. And sleeping exclusively on the finest thread counts available.

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