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23 Of The Most Memorable Brittany Murphy Moments

We miss you, Brittany xoxo.

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1. When she was totally adorable in Clueless.

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2. And when she loved her new look.

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3. When she was rollin' with the homies.

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4. When she delivered basically the most iconic line in any teen film, ever.

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5. When she flipped off Eminem in 8 Mile.

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6. And made out with Eminem...

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7. ...and everything happening here.

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8. When she was beautiful and vulnerable in Love and Other Disasters.

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9. When she was haunting and perfect in Girl, Interrupted.

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10. When she delivered this perfect line in Sin City.

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11. When she couldn't help but laugh in Just Married.

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12. When she was suggestive.

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13. When she nailed the Statue of Liberty in Drop Dead Gorgeous.

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14. When she shared this sweet moment with Kirsten Dunst and Amy Adams.

15. When she was having a shitty day in The Dead Girl.

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16. When she summed up the fears of everyone in their twenties, in Riding In Cars With Boys.

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17. And when she was totally spooky in Don't Say a Word.

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18. When she danced up a storm in Uptown Girls.


19. When she summed up being broke in your twenties in one sentence.


20. When she fell in love at first sight.


21. When she'd had enough.


22. When she stood up for herself.

23. When, you know... swinging door.