19 Times Gabe Lewis Was The Most Underrated Character On "The Office"

    Walk away, bitch.

    1. When he was pro-sexual touching.

    2. When he received this advice.

    3. When people loved touching him.

    4. When he was Lady Gaga for Halloween.

    5. When he was confident.

    6. When he was brave enough to ask Kelly about her weaknesses.

    7. When he was very literal.

    8. When he set Michael up.

    9. When he made this face.

    10. When he got a tattoo for Erin.

    11. When he knew that haters were gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

    12. When he was threatening.

    13. When he was great at girl talk.

    14. When he asked about the sun...

    ... And hated the response he got.

    15. When he was really into Korean soap operas.

    16. When he shaved ~everything~.

    17. When he learned to cope with rejection.

    18. When he survived this vicious attack.

    19. And when he had a sleepover party with Dwight.